KICK (2014) – Bollywood Movie Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4/5

Dhoom + Krrish = KICK

“Surprisingly, Kick has a gripping story compared to Dhoom 3 and full pack masala action of superhero compared to Krrish 3”.Those who followed threechinguz knew me too well as i always am babbling of how much i love bollywood masala films. Yes, sometimes, it get sucks with draggy storyline or overacting casts but i still love them anyway. If KICK turned out to be one of those kind of Masala films, i did not mind at all considering Masala films could be pretty generic. Man, how i love when it turned out i was wrong. When this film released a few months ago, i was shocked seeing some of bollywood websites gave KICK a pretty much good review and rating. Honestly, i didnt expect much. Believe me, i love salman khan (he used to be my crush when i was 7 years old) but when it comes to act in Masala film, he’s pretty much himself —- Dabangg, Dabangg 2, or Bodyguard is just an example of his film whereby he would be swinging gun, throwing punches, beating bad guys and etc..etc.

Dhoom 3 + Krrish 3 = KICK
Dhoom 3 + Krrish 3 = KICK

I am not saying KICK is not masala-full action pack-hero centric film. It is 100% what i’ve described it in the previous sentence. I am saying it is better than Dhoom 3 (because i was expecting it to be good but it turned out to be just okay) and it is less disappointing than Krrish 3 (because Vivek and Kangana is the only saving grace in the film). Let me start with my criticism on this film: 1) Jacqueline Fernandez, You are super gorgeous but girl, just because your role is psychiatrist , then you need to wear a glasses? (it’s not her fault but cant you say something to whoever wrote this script? it is super clicheeeeeeeee) 2) The animation describing how devi lal is different from everybody is just super creepy and using laptop upside down is considered as one of his capability? Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Salman Khan as 'Devil Lal Singh' & 'Devil'
Salman Khan as ‘Devil Lal Singh’ & ‘Devil’

Just like Aamir Khan said in Koffee with Karan show, nobody cant deny that Salman Khan has star power. He has that ‘charismatic’ presence and people are attracted to his film. I am just stating the truth (just look at his record in rolling in the 100 carore,200 carore, yada-yada carore films) nowadays. He manipulated his star power by acting in this kind of films and roles. After watching KICK, i must say it works. His character in KICK, is someone who is compulsive and always up to any challenge to find the excitement in his life. He is a genius and somehow, ended up with no life purposes. It is his luck indeed to have a very supportive and understanding parents. He didnt work and constantly quit right after a few days as he said work makes him stifle. He then met a heroine, Dr Shaina Mehra. They fell in love. Blah..Blah (Bollywood cliche’) and when they try to get serious (getting married etc..) , their relationship ended. They failed to work out their differences and Devi Lal walked out of their relationship while Dr Shaina move to Poland with a broken heart.

Jacqueline Fernandez as 'Dr Shaina'
Jacqueline Fernandez as ‘Dr Shaina’

A year has passed and Dr Shaina’s father wanted her to get married. He asked Dr. Shaina to fetch Himanshu from the airport hoping that something will occur between them. He wanted Himanshu to be his son in law and her daughter can find happiness again (why father always find that marriage is the only thing that can make her daughter happy, i also cant understand it? — I rather get an IPAD not a husband. bleghhhh). Along the way, Himanshu and Dr Shaina talked about each other which led to the topic of the person their obsessed with? Dont ask me how they get to the topic, they just did. Dr Shaina pretty be frank to himanshu and telling him about someone she used to love which is Devi while Himanshu told her the frustration of failing to catch a smart criminal name ‘devil’.

Randeep Hooda as 'Himanshu'
Randeep Hooda as ‘Himanshu’

Himansu is portrayed by Randeep Hooda in this film. We all know how brilliance he is in the ‘Highway’. He managed to carry the role as police officer without overdoing it. He kept calm and cool whenever any problem occurred cause by ‘devil’. We may think that he will be overshadowed by Sallu Bhai but it didnt happen. In fact, Himanshu role brought a balance in this  masala action film. He didnt annoy us with his appearance in the film unlike (Abishek and uday in Dhoom 3). He brought an A-game to challenge Devil back and he didnt back down from any setback that happened. To credit Salman solely on the success of KICK film is unfair considering Randeep is pretty much one of the backbones in the film.

Nawazzidin Siddiqui as 'Shiv Ghajra'
Nawazzidin Siddiqui as ‘Shiv Ghajra’

Nawazzudin Sidiqui is a villain in KICK 3. Oh please, that man can freaking ACT with his eyes shut. I dont do any commentary on his acting considering his performance is lauded from critics both local and international on gangs of wasseypur 2, Lunchbox, Bombay Talkies and the list went on and on. He portrayed the role of a minister’s nephew who is a do-gooder and a savior especially in the medical field. He was praised by the media for his charity and good work. However, behind the mask of do gooder, is a vicious, corrupt and abusive man. He’s doing all the charity for the sake of money. The scenes where Nawazuddin in the film is too little but hey, he did his best in all of it. With a creepy laugh and being snarky to his own people, he brought his own rule in the villain role he played.

Jumme Ki Raat Shot - Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan
Jumme Ki Raat Shot – Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan

Before i forget to mention it, i really love all the songs in this film. ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ and ‘Hangover’ is a very addictive songs. Dont forget to watch Jacqueline Fernandez solo dance shot in ‘Jumme Ki Raat’. Damn, it is freaking hot. Another song in this film is ‘Yaar Na Miley’ whereby Nargis Fakhri dancing in it also suits my taste (though i felt so annoyed with yo yo honey singh voice in the song). FYI, Salman Khan lend his voice in ‘Hangover’ song. Overall, i ended up giving KICK 4 stars as i think this film deserved it. Yes, the actress could act a little bit better, the script could be improved but what blew my mind is the purpose of DEVIL in doing all the robberies. It is not for himself but for the sake of unfortunate childs around him. In short, It is like Robin Hood version Masala Bollywood with a vengeance and a little bit of ‘Kick’ in it. If you’re looking for action, romance & masala-flavor in bollywood film, this is the right choice to start with.

DHOOM 3 – 2013 Review

dhoomby Ruby Chingu

Directed by: Vijay Krishna Acharya| Starring: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif

Rating: 6/10

Sorry for the late review.  I have been planning to review Dhoom 3 for quite some time now but never got a chance to do it until now. I have been seriously waiting for months to watch this, thanks mainly to Palah and her enthuthiasm to watch her object of devotion, Katrina Kaif, on screen. We indulged ourselves in the beauty of the songs, the music videos and the trailers in anticipation of the movie. I was looking forward, particularly, to see Aamir Khan, whom I had a crush on since I was 6 years old.

I went to see the movie at the cinema, dragging along my little sister. The story of Dhoom 3 is centered around a circus performer, Sahir of The Great Indian Circus, who was also a robber with a vengeance against the bank which had shut down his father’s circus business and led the latter into committing suicide. His crimes were committed in Chicago, though the Hindi writings hints he left at the crime scene prompted the Chicago police to seek the help of 2 Indian policeman, Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra). At the same time, a circus newbie with the name of Aaliya (Katrina) entered into their lives, further complicating things.


Truth to be told, I am quite disappointed with the film’s writing. The plot has many loopholes and the investigation targeted against Sahir did not make sense. For example, the scene involving Aaamir Khan’s bike turning into a jet ski then into a bike again. And the fact that an intelligent robber forgot to wear a mask during a chase with the police. And the fact that the police failed to recognize him when he came offering them help to catch the criminal, who was actually him in the first place. Get what I mean? No? I didn’t, too. It’s not me, it’s the story.

I expected film to be slick and intelligent, with a substantive cat and mouse chase between the roles played by Abhishek Bacchan and Aaamir Khan. However, their roles were reduced to really just performing stunts and actions scenes. I would say the film is hugely entertaining, though, and is visually spectacular for an action masala film.


dhooWhat saves the film for me is Aaamir Khan’s performance NOT as Sahir but as Sahir’s twin, Samar, a brilliant man with the personality of a child. Sahir’s masterful evasion from the police who had been hunting him down was made possible with the help of his twin brother, Samar, who looked exactly like him. Unlike the arrogant confident Sahir, Samar is a man-child who was trained to listen to his brother at all times. He had no lives of his own, his existence was kept secret by his late father and later, his brother. They claimed to care for him, though in my opinion, they used him to further their purposes, all in the name of The Great Indian Circus.

He wasn’t really a bad man. But he was never really though to be a good one. Sahir, his twin, had his own version of a moral code – fuck the capitalist banks, fuck them all. Samar pretty much believed the same and kind of resigned to a life being Sahir’s shadow and go-to-guy in the events he needed to esape from the police. However, Samar was allowed to be himself, his own person every Sunday per week, where he would escape the circus plus criminal life with his brother and enjoyed a day of fun at a local theme park. Those kind of Sundays had been his release, his happiness, pretty much the definition of Samar as a person truly unconnected with his twin.

Aamir Khan played the role to perfection. And to think that he actually had to play dual roles that belong to two different extremes – the cold-hearted Sahir and the innocent naive Samar. The performance is in itself more enjoyable than the film as a whole.

I know it sounds pathetic. But yes, this film should really be called The Tale of Samar: Years of Living in Sahir’s Shadow. Because it sure felt like it when I was watching it.

dhoom_3_-_katrina_kaif_0Anyway, now we go to Katrina Kaif, who played Aaliya, Sahir’s assistant and Samar’s love interest. The insignificance of her role was also a major disappointment for me. From the look at the poster, I initially assumed that she would be playing a vital character and perhaps was to be involved with Sahir’s crime. Because our Katrina looked so badass. But of course, she was not. That huge expectation was crushed by the reality that in this film, Aaliya was a mere eye-candy with terrific dance skills. She kept the audiences glued to the screen with her beauty and performance prowess but nothing more.

I sincerely think Katrina has been given better roles than Aaliya.

The ending kind of sucks for me, because the twins committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. The degree of their evilness was also lacking for me. They were BAD but not that bad. They were bad people with a justification to be bad. They wanted revenge on the bank who had drove their father to suicide. Which is also, for me, kind of disappointing. For the villain is not that villainy. The aspect made the story a bit too safe. I was expecting more thrills, more suspense. Of course I got them but not from the story but the visual and sound effects.

Maybe because Aamir Khan was the lead actor for this fim, my expectations were sky-high. Like so high you can’t even see it. Perhaps his previous records of being such an excellent actor with an excellent taste in films are not helping him this time. For it made me wonder why he would choose a script with way too many loopholes. BUT only an amazing actor like Aamir who could pull off the roles so compelling in a way, it stayed with me for several weeks after I watched the film.


Notwithstanding my opinions on the film, people should go watch this movie. It is an entertaining movie and an important one at that, having been declared as the HIGHEST GROSSING HINDI FILM ever!! That surely proved that despite the weak plot, the film works in a way. I walked out of the cinema, feeling somewhat happy. And a lot in love with the enduring charms of Aamir Khan. *faints*

MUSIC – The songs in this film are great, great, great!! The Dhoom Machale anthem, Malang and my favourite, Tu Hi Junoon!

Movies that I Repeatedly Watch

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

I wanted to do this list for a long time and I am kind of waiting for the right moment to do it.  The list of movies I repeatedly watch and still touched my heart deeply and makes me laughed and cried (even I watched it for so many times).

12. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (2011)


My Rating: 3.5/5

I usually will not repeat any of romantic comedy films because I find them too generic. There are so many recycled scenes in that kind of films until today and somehow, they will end up with happy ending. To say Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is different would be a terrible lie. This film offered a similar message of love in much happy description and a bit unrealistic. However, I can watch it for so many times because of Ali Zafar’s priceless expression in this film. It is so comical that I always laugh when those particular scenes appeared.

11. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2012)


My Rating: 3.5/5

After the bad breakup between Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor, I am not sure whether they are going to work opposite of each other in any film. There are some actresses who dated co-star but does not want to do anything with them right after the relationship went wrong. When Karan Johar decided to produce this film, I was like ‘what?’ how the hell are they going to do a film together after so much controversial especially in Koffee with Karan episodes involves in bashing Ranbir, the deepika’s tattoo news and so many gossips heated between them. Maybe they are going to ignore all of that, let bygones be bygones and stick to being professional. After watching this film, I was awestruck by it. In fact, the chemistry between them still strong in this film is amazing. Maybe the plot is a little bit cliché and a classic Karan Johar kind of film, but still, hands down to Deepika and Ranbir.

10. Salaam E Ishq ( 2007)


My Rating: 3.8/5

The compilation of love story in the movie is brilliant. From the problem of different religion, middle age crisis, commitment phobic and career over love, all of this has been put together into this film very well by Nikhil Advani. Upon reading the critical reception of this film, I was puzzled. Why nobody like this film? Yeah there is some praise on this film but it still not good enough for this film. I considered this film is a modern interpretation of love story with realistic and sensible of issue that comes along with it. It composed of 6 stories from 6 couples that faced challenge in their love life and how they overcome it.

9. Tere Bin Laden (2010)


My Rating: 3.8/5

Tere Bin Laden offered a good laugh over the sensitive issue of Bin Laden towards America. The story might be too simple to capture the whole complication of War on Terror and Post effect 9/11 but the jokes in this film is awesome. Ali Zafar as Ali Hassan and his team created chaos and commotion over piece of Osama News that they get hold on from secret source. Little did they know that the foolish action created by them had cause a trigger from America. America then deployed their secret agent to track Osama at Karachi, Pakistan. This is purely entertainment movie with comical satire of war on terror by America.

8. Mangal Pandey: The Rising (2005)


My Rating: 4/5

To be honest with you guys, I really like Mangal Pandey story. I know that the story line not resembled 100 percent as what was written in history but it was a good try. Some of the scholar said that the rifle issue is so much larger than what is depicted in the film. If the director did not simplify the scene of rifle issue, we may have to watch this film in much longer duration. ‘Mangal Pandey’ who is Indian Sepoy that worked for British East India Company is the main character in this film. He befriended with Captain Gordon as Gordon indebted to him for saving his life in Anglo-Afghan Wars. Their friendship strengthened when Mangal Pandey help Gordon saved Jwala, a young widow who almost performed Sati. Sati is the act of following the dead husband into his death (the wife will be burned together with the deceased husband). When issue of the enfield musket rifle cause the angers among sepoys who are Muslim and Hindu respectively as the process of making it involves things that they are forbidden to consume. When Gordon gives false assurance that the rifle is fine and no such things occurred, Mangal Pandey really put his trust in him and guaranteed his fellow sepoy to do so. However, Mangal Panday felt betrayed by Gordon as the rumor of Enfield musket rifle turned out to be true. This incident led to the event of The Indian Rebellion of 1857.

7. Raajneeti (2010)


My Rating: 4/5

I really like Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor character in this film. Katrina kaif in this film might be a bonus (to me especially as her fan) but the intensity of chemistry between Arjun and Ranbir renders me speechless. They (Arjun & Ranbir) combined their forces to avenge their father’s death and to win the election by staging many political tactics towards their opponent. The plot of the story is filled with hatred, vengeance, betrayal and willpower. This is by far, one of the best films that Prakash Jha ever directed. The presence of Ajay Devgan and Manoj Bajpayee as anti-hero characters is so freaking amazing. Enough said, the whole casts of the film including Nana Patekar should be applauded for giving me a very dramatic political thriller film (and trust me, it’s a good one too). You will not be disappointed by it. Besides, I actually like Arjun Rampal and Katrina Kaif paired together (because they are both tall, hot and suits well with each other).

6. OMG Oh My God (2012)


My Rating: 4/5

For Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar to do this kind of film, they are no doubt fearless and have a gut. This movie is provoking (not in a bad way, mind you) but in a way where you should do the thinking. It touched the issue of “GOD” as most people would never try to talk about it as it is sensitive and should not be touched at all. Although it had similar story with ‘the man who sued god’ (2001) but what Umesh Shukla (the director) brings out in this film is the issue of commercialization of religion and the exploitation of money in religion institution. You can sense the strong message that he tried to convey in this film. The additional casts of this film like Om Puri and Mithun ChakraBorty added the flavors in this film. To have IMDB rated this film 8.1/10 and 76% given by the rotten tomatoes website, this film is a must watch film.

5. Vicky Donor (2012)


My Rating: 4/5

Sperm donation still considered taboo subject in India and some of Asian countries. Ayushman Khurrana marking his debut in such a memorable film as nobody has ever made this kind of film in Bollywood scene before. To touch this sensitive matter, the director said he’s done his research for almost 3 years before completing the film. Although this film is loosely based on one of French film, it has been packed with common bollywood theme such as family and love. Why is it on my list of film I often repeated? I like how Vicky (Ayushman Khurrana) still loves his wife (Ashima) despite of her infertility and unable to produce child. Although he’s indirectly has fathered so many children because of his past as sperm donor and the fact that his wife is barren, he’s not giving her up. When Vicky’s family found out about the sperm donation, he was shunned by his mother for doing so and brought shame upon family. His grandmother on the other hand felt it was noble as Vicky brought joy to parents who incapable to have a child on their own. This film is admirable for its theme and successfully balancing both sad and happy emotion in it.

4. English Vinglish (2012)

English Vinglish (2012) Hindi Mp3

My Rating: 4.25/5

Sri Devi making a comeback via this film is a genius decision. This film is unconventional and had an exceptional plot on its own. The director, Gauri Shinde managed to take us into the real-life experience by her own mother in this film. The main character of this film,Shashi (portrayed by Sri Devi) always find herself being mocked and belittled by her husband and her kids for her inability to speak English. When she had to go to America by herself to help her sister for her niece’s wedding, she was scared. Alone and can’t speak English, she begged her husband to go together so she won’t feel alone but her husband refused to do so. She encounters some unpleasant situation like can’t really enjoy the conversation with her sister’s family and failed to order fast at Coffee Shop due to language barrier. She then decided to take a short course of English language at some language centre to learn Basic English in 4 weeks. Is it possible? Yes, if you have strong determination and work really hard for it. Bollywood rarely made a film that associated on theme of heroine oriented but this one has that element. It may not contain the fighting or bloodbath scenes or masala theme but it is refreshing in its story line and Sri Devi performance for this film is mind blowing.

3. Stanley Ka Dabba (2011)


My Rating: 4.25/5

This film took me 1 week to get over the effect post watching it. The story is simple but it touched my heart to the core. After watching Taare Zameen Paar, I was browsing the web looking for other movies like Taare Zameen Paar. I stumbled upon the list on IMDB and Stanley Ka Dabba is listed as number one on that list. Knowing that the film got the same director as Taare Zameen Paar, I downloaded it ASAP. You can feel the pure love from the friendship of Stanley and his friends. Stanley got no money at all to buy his lunch and often didn’t bring anything to eat at all during rest hour at school. Sensing Stanley’s problem, his friends often invited him to eat together with them without any hesitation. The conflict arises when one of the teachers in Stanley’s school loves to eat and snoop on student’s lunch box or ‘dabba’ (as in the title).  He knows that Stanley’s friends always invited Stanley over to eat their food and this angers him as he would have no chance at all to taste their food. The lunchbox hunting begins between the teacher and them (Stanley and his friends). Later, the teacher told Stanley to stop coming at school until he can bring his own lunchbox. The issue is not as big as you can see; it is not about corruption or scandal but the lunchbox. However, there are so many heartwarming scenes in this film especially where it concerned of a group of students try to help their hungry friend, when Stanley does not want his friends know about his plight and he lied to them and when he stopped coming to school because he know he can’t afford the lunch box and doesn’t want to burden his friends. I can’t count how many times I cried but man, it really impacted me in some way.

2. 3 Idiots (2009)


My Rating: 4.5/5

What is more touching than the story of unbreakable friendship, the tireless efforts of chasing the dreams and the bittersweet experiences in college and life? 3 idiots offers all in its film and for those who never watch this film, you should watch it. Whenever I feel down and alone, this is my comfort movie. I will watch it, cry at certain scenes in the film and my spirit will be renewed once the film is over. Aamir Khan as we all know one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood, he can be hero, villain, rebellious lover, fighter, depressed man and we’ve seen he played different roles in the film. Playing a character as a college boy at the age of nearly 40 is unreasonable unless you have that boyish look and it sure is a bonus for Aamir to have that kind of look. Aamir Khan charmed us with his acting and effortlessly plays the role of Chote/ Phunsukh Wangdu/Rachoddas. R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi both complementing each other in the films as they portrayed as a Ranchoddas’s Friends with opposite behavior and mentality. One with different ambition but stuck in engineering college due to family pressure and for the other one who is truly passionate about engineering but fear of failing and letting down of his family get the best of him. This film is truly entertaining, inspiring and worth watching.

1. Barfi (2012)


My Rating: 4.5/5

If a person asks me ‘what kind of love do you desire in your life?’ ‘What is your ideal love?’ ‘In your opinion, what constitutes true love?’ And so on about love, honestly speaking I have no idea. I did involve with so called ‘love’ or ‘relationship’ a few years back then, which I think I am not so matured and those moments are past that I wanted to erase. Was it love? Nahhhh..I would call it curiosity or palah’s experimental stage. I still don’t know what love is and I am sure that my obsession towards freaking hot guys is not love. It is what we called momentary lust and somehow, it will go someday. However, to pick a movie that resembles most of my ideal love story, Barfi would fit my description. If you wanted to say Romeo & Juliet or Titanic, go ahead, I’d still say and choose Barfi over those two. The idea of completing each other is so fascinating in the movie. The whole story convinced me that true love does not have to be perfect and our significant others could perfect our imperfection. I lost my counts on how many times I’ve watched this film and still cried at the ending. It’s not about good looking boy and beautiful girl fell in love with each other, it’s tells the story of beautiful relationship of deaf and mute boy with autistic girl. Yeah, there are few of copycat scenes from Charlie Chaplin films but the director did a great job in recreating those scenes. The way Ranbir and Priyanka portrayed Barfi and Jhilmil are so real and somehow led us believe that they are made for each other.

Forever Barfi & Jhilmil!!




Katrina Kaif Goes Kamli

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu


Katrina Kaif is freaking AMAZING in KAMLI.  She totally set the bar higher for other contemporary actresses to dance like her.  Her record on mastering the dance move in Sheila Ki Jawaani, Chikni Chameli and MashaALLAH song truly earned  her as one of the best dancer . KAMLI totally showed Katrina Kaif talent in excelling any type of dance. I waited Kamli Video to release in High Definition but it seems impossible so I have to make do with 480p quality. Still, it’s fucking worth it. The dance performance by Katrina Kaif blew my mind. It’s a combination of hip hop dance and acrobat stunts. Kamli Song took a place in dhoom 3 when Katrina kaif wanted a last chance to audition for circus that aamir khan owned. I don’t know much about it because I don’t have any chance to watch dhoom 3 yet. That is because bollywood movies are so scarcely shown in Malaysian Cinema and even if it is shown, it is only for selected cinemas.

The Kamli Scene proceeded as Katrina Kaif dance in front of Aamir Khan and my head suddenly had a random thought like ‘How the fuck Aamir khan managed not to get any boner watching Katrina Kaif dance in front of him?’ The dance routine in Kamli is so damn seductive and sexy. I know he’s married and totally committed, but let’s be honest, even if a married guy encounter situation like this, I am sure that he will end up jizzing his pant. I know I would if I am a guy (maybe I said this because I really like Katrina Kaif). I might have a hot boner and pre-cum in my pant. Unfortunately, I am a girl. Watching Katrina Kaif dance on the close distance like Aamir did might cause me a slight hysteria and a sudden lesbian explosion towards her.


Katrina Kaif Kamli song download

even when she’s fully clothed, she oozes sensual.



She doesnt need a caption to say she’s great.



DHOOM -3 Kamli Official Video (Leaked) -

DHOOM -3 Kamli Official Video (Leaked) -
this is my favorite scene in the song. (when she twirled infront of aamir)


i really like her body in this video. she is so hot!!!!


Haters should calm the fuck down, I know some of you will comment how dancing is not part of acting, that she should improve her acting or pick up her emotion better in her films. Well, nobody asked your fucking opinion. I watched all her films and truth be told; she can act so much better than some actors in Malaysia. She is showing major improvement in her acting over the years and if you don’t like her, then don’t watch her films. It is simple as that. For haters who called her ‘firang’ and other names (which is for me, very rude and mean), at least she made a huge amount of money compared to you guys.

As a fan of hers for years now, I don’t really like ranbir and her dating. I like ranbir and deepika much more, but who am I to question her choice? Hahaha. I wish her the best and may she find her own happiness in ranbir (hopefully). Anyway, acting may not in Katrina’s forte but dancing; she really is a true master on that department.

I cant find the HD quality for Kamli video, but this will do for you guys 😉