TV series Review : The Hollow Crown (2012) – Henry V

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Rating: 4/5

Let me clarify one thing before I proceed with my review, for I am a big fan of Hiddleston. Thus, you shall find this post inclined to his side or let’s just say I favor him too much. I downloaded The Hollow Crown Series BBC with the thought that it will be more or less like ‘Game of Thrones’. I was indeed wrong. I started with Richard the second which has been thoroughly analyzed by my good friend, ruby.  In Malaysia, in case any of you guys wonder, we did not learn much English literature especially the classic one. We learnt it but not heavily like some of you guys did. We learnt sonnet 18, the road not taken, the prisoner of Zenda, Robinson Crusoe and some other poems and stories that I could not recalled. When I watched The Hollow Crown, there is an online English dictionary right in my hand. Whenever I found some words that i don’t know, I clicked the pause button and search for its meaning. I did it the entire time when I watch this series. Yet, I am still confused with thee, thou, thy and so many that came from the old English.


Right after 1 episode of Richard the Second is finished, the rest of the 3 episodes unravel the story of young prince Henry the IV and The King, Henry V. The King Henry the IV is posrtrayed by Jeremy Irons. Jeremy Irons, played king in this series. Nobody would doubt him. He’s bloody good. He even hooked me to watch all 4 seasons of ‘The Borgias’ because his depiction as a Pope, Father, Husband and even Lover in that series is fucking amazing. He does not need any review to convince you guys that he’s good. He already is. What I curious most is how Tom Hiddleston (My Sweet Hiddleston) to pull off as a king. That’s what driven me to download the entire series. For the 2 episode of King Henry the IV, Hiddleston appears as a rebellious and good for nothing kind of prince. His sight is always absent in the castle as he always hanging out with his lowly friends. He spent most of his time in the brothel and always appeared drunk surrounds by people who enjoyed his company.

The Mischievous and troublesome Prince Harry


The reasonable and wise King Henry V
The reasonable and wise King Henry V

However, Behold ladies and gentlemen, for this drunkard prince will soon change to be the most gracious, wise and pious king. When his father died, he soon banished all of his friends before his eyes and accepted that being king is more than putting that crown on the head. He transformed himself to a much mature person and leaving his past life behind. In the last episode of King Henry the V, the war broke out between France and England. He led his army to war and won the battle. He then married Katherine, Princess of France though they spoke different language at that time. However, He died at the young age which is at 35 years old due to the dysentery illness.

My favorite scenes in this series:


1) When Prince Harry delivered some sort of monologue at his father’s bed side. At that time, he thought he was already too late and his father already died in that chamber. He then took the crown from King Henry the IV , walked to the throne and wore it. He then cried  while sitting on the throne. That was just renders you speechless. You know that he will make a good king when he himself realized that along with the crown, comes such a big burdens and responsibilities to be held. He knew the effect of the crown did drive his father to be sick.

 The prince:“Why doth the crown lie there upon his pillow, being so troublesome a bedfellow? O’ majesty, When thou dost pinch thy bearer thou dost sit like a rich armour worn in the heat of day, that scalds with safety.  My gracious lord, My father. By his gates of breath, there lies a downy feather which stirs not. This sleep is sound indeed, this is a sleep that from this golden rigol hath divorced so many english kings. Thy due from me is tears and heavy sorrows of the blood, Which nature, love and filial tenderness. Shall, o dear father, pay the plenteously. My due from thee is this imperial crown which god shall guard and put the world’s whole strength into one giant arm, it shall not force this lineal honour from me”.


2) The dramatic scene before King Henry IV died right in the Prince Harry’s arm.

Prince Harry: I never thought to hear you speaking again

King Henry IV: Thy wish was father, Harry to that thought. I stay to long by thee, i weary thee. What dost thou so hunger for mine empty chair that thou wilt needs invest thee with my honours before thy hour be ripe? o foolish youth! Thou seekst the honours that overwhelm thee. Could thou not forbear me half an hour? Then get thee gone, dig my grave thyself. Bid the merry bells ring to thine ear that thou art crowned not that i am dead. Pluck down my officers, break my decrees for no the time is come to mock at form. Harry the fifth is crowned. Up Vanity! Down royal state! All you sage counsellor, Hence! and to the english court assemble now from every region, apes of idleness. Now neighbor confines purge you of your scum. Have you a ruffian that would swear, drink, dance, revel the night, murder, and commit the oldest sins the newest kind of ways? Be happy, he will trouble you no more. England shall give him office, honor, might, for the fifth Harry from curbed license pluck the muzzle of restraint and the wild dog shall flesh his tooth on every innocent. O my poor kingdom, sick with civil blows when that my care could not withhold thy riots, What wilt thou do when riot is thy care? O thou wilt become a wilderness again, peopled with wolves, thy old inhabitants.

Prince Harry: O, pardon me, my liege.

King Henry IV: Wherefore did you take away the crown?

Prince Harry: God witness with me when i found no course of breath within your majesty how cold it struck my heart. I spake unto this crown as having sense and thus upbraided it: “the care on thee depending hath fed upon the body of my father. Therefore, thou best of gold art worst of gold. other less fine in carat is more precious, but thou most fine, more honoured, most renowned, has eat thy beared up. thus my most royal liege, accusing it, i put it on my head to try with it, as with an enemy that had before my face murdered my father.

King Henry IV: O my son, God put it in thy mind to take it hence that thou mightst win the more thy father’s love, pleading so wisely in excuse of it. Come hither harry, sit thou down by my side. And hear, i think the very latest counsel that i ever shall breathe. God knows my son, by what by paths and indirect crooked ways, i met this crown. For all my reign hath been but as a scene acting that argument but now my death changes the mood. For what in me was purchased fall upon thee in more fairer sort. Yet though thou standest more sure than i could do thou art not  firm enough, since griefs are green. And all my  friends, which thou must make thy friends, Have but their stings and teeth newly taken out, by whose fell working i was first advanced and by whose power i well might lodge a fear tp be again displaced. Therefore my Harry, be it thy course to busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels. That actions, hence borned out, may waste the memory of the former times. How i came by this crown, O god forgive, and grant it may with thee in true peace live.

The scene when Falstaff begged the king to recognize him.

3) The scene he took the approach to banish his friends from his past before his eyes. Yes, it was cruel indeed. However, how will his people respect and believe in his kingship if he let them (his past friends) linger around him.

Falsttaff: God save thy grace, King Hal. (Hal is his nick name among his old friends). My royal Hal.The Heavens thee guard a king most a royal imp of fame! God save thee my sweet boy!

King Henry V: My lord chief justice, speak to that vain man.

Lord Chief Justice: Have you your wits? know you what tis’ speak?

Falstaff: My king! My Jove! I speak to thee, my heart!

 King Henry V: I know thee not, old man. Fall to thy prayers. How ill white hairs become a fool and jester. Ive long dreamed of such a kind of man, so surfeit-swelled, so old and so profane but being awaked, i do despise my dream. Make less thy body hence and more thy grace. Leave gormandizing, know the grave doth gape for thee thrice wider than for other men. Reply not to me with a fool born jest! Presume not that i am the thing i was. For god doth know, so shall the world perceive that i have turned away my former self. so will i those that kept me company. When thou dost hear i am as i have been, approach me and thou shalt be as thou wast, the tutor and the feeder of my riots. Till then i banish thee on pain of death as i have done the rest of my misleaders, not to come near our person by ten mile. For competenc of life, i will allow you, the lack of means enforce you not to evil. And as we hear you do reform yourselves, we will according to your strenghts and qualities, give you advancement. Be it your charge my lord, to see performed the tenor of our word.


4) When he shook hands with his countrymen, talked to them like friends and raise their spirit to face the french army. He even motivated some of his soldiers to not lose faith and erase their doubts for his great cause.

 King Henry V: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more! or close the wall up with our english dead! In peace, theres nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humilty. But when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger. Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood. Disguise fair nature with hard favor’d rage. Now set the teeth and strecth the nostril wide. Hold hard the breath, and bend up every spirit to his full height. On, On, You noblest english.

Oh, god.

5) When He flirted with France Princess, Katherine and proposed her to be his wife. Oh my god, I giggled and I swore if someone saw me in that state, they would slap me right away. That scene is effing sweet. Katherine spoke to him in a broken English and King Henry V charmed her with the broken French too. Henry the fifth said that he’s really not that good in wooing a girl like his predecessor and he would make merely a plain king. If I was Katherine, and at that time considering if Henry the fifth look just like Tom Hiddleston, I will gladly take him as my husband. I will do it without any hesitation.

King Henry V: By Mine honour, in true english, i love thee, Kate. By which honour i dare not swear thou lovest me. Yet my blood begins to flatter me thou dost, not withstanding the poor and untampering effect of my visage.

I really like how Tom Hiddleston looked somewhat manlier with his beard. 🙂

The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Freddie & Hester
Freddie & Hester

‘I love you but I’m sorry we can’t be together’.

Among all the phrases of love that I’ve heard, this is one phrase that I am unable to understand. If you truly love me, why in the seven hells we can’t be together? I find it beyond my comprehension to understand how leaving someone you love can make him/her to be happy for the rest of their life. I just don’t get it. (am sorry for being so emotional!! haha)

The deep blue sea told the story of Hester (who is a married woman) is having an affair with Freddie (an ex pilot during World War 2). They still continued having an affair even William (Hester’s husband) knew about it. William may not grant Hester a divorce but he let Hester live with Freddie as he made it clear he does not want to see her wife’s face anymore. Hester somehow compared her dilemma with someone caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. She loves her husband, William but the passion and physical intimacy was not there anymore. He could not provide her that. Freddie, on the other hand, capable to ignite the passion and the burning love inside Hester but he’s not emotionally stable. He was always angry and sometimes lashing it out on Hester.

My Rating: 4/5
My Rating: 4/5

William, after a while, begged Hester to stop the infatuation and plead her to return to him. He after all would make Hester comfortable and never in a million years would make her cry. Hester insisted that she loves Freddie and told William that being with Freddie make her a whole person. Hester tried to kill herself when Freddie forgot her birthday and she failed as it was discovered by her neighbor. Freddie knew about it when he finds out suicide note that Hester wrote to him. That was when Freddie felt that their relationship is unhealthy. Freddie felt he and Hester are lethal to each other. He then dumped Hester and took a job in Rio.

As much as I would want to believe this is a timeless love story, for me, it is not. Why? Love is a bit of both, you enjoy emotional comfort and support and you feel the passion and the fluttering feelings in yourself. You felt safe with him and being yourself is what defined your relationship with your lover. In this case, Hester had to compromise and sometimes end up crying because of Freddie’s rudeness and indifferent towards her. Sure, she felt alive being with Freddie but where is the feeling that ‘when you are together, that is where your home is’. For me, what happened between Freddie and Hester only a passion encounter. Hester can’t resist Freddie’s charm and she was intoxicated by him. Freddie too felt the same way about Hester. For me, it’s a pure lust story. Judging from William’s age and look, we all can understand why Hester cheated on him.

William & Hester
William & Hester

There’s nothing wrong about that. Sometimes, I think people deserve to take a break in their marriage especially those who already married in 10 years and above. However, this is my opinion. I don’t know how you guys think about a passion encounter, maybe it’s sinful, maybe it’s wrong but we are human, for god sake. We are bound to make mistakes.


By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu


Truth to be told, a face like Loki or Tom Hiddleston wont even been listed in top 100 list of guys I would like to fuck in this life.  I don’t preferred guys with submissive face which is usually possessed a ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’ face that can melted the cotton candy right away, theoretically speaking. However, this Loki guy before I knew his name, successfully breaking into my taste preferences and suddenly I am having an urge to fuck him. It is weird.

It began when I accidentally watching the comic con video in youtube where Tom Hiddleston really into his character, acting his heart out as LOKI in the avengers and even gives the best fan service to his fans. The tumblr also filled up with Loki or tom hiddlestone meme and posts by the Hiddlestoner, his own fan club.

I watched thor and my heart immediately went to Loki. He needs a hug. Apparently, nobody would like to give him one. When he discovered he’s not an Odin Son, he tried hard to impress him. He even killed his own father to prove he is the true Asgardian. Suddenly, what he’s done is the act of treachery. He even went beyond reasonable man could do as to try to destroy his own birth land, Jotunheim. Unfortunately, nobody sees his point. He just does not want to be seen as an outsider. He wanted to be accepted as the true odinson. Originally, the title ‘King’ does not bothered him at all.

ImageHe said: “I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal!”

He’s willing to give up the throne so that thor can ascend it. It is tragic to find out that he was adopted and can finally understand why he has been sidelined by thor for a long time.

This is what Loki said to thor:

“I remember a shadow.Living in the shade of your greatness.”

This is a cry for help from someone whose childhood has been experience the feeling of being unloved.

While loki went on and on being a villain in the avengers, I don’t pay much attention to him. That’s because I always loved captain America. He will always be my first option no matter what. Chris evan will always be on top of my list. The world domination plan, the revenge towards thor using the earth as leverage and finally, the good triumphs bad, we all can predict in the end loki would fail. It’s the cliché of superhero story that no one can deny. Anyway, the best moment in the avengers is where he threatened the black widow (for some reason, i think this scene is kinda hot. hehehe) :


“You mewling quim.”

My favorite part is where he wants everybody kneels and bows before him. He even claimed us humans, crave subjugation. Well, if loki is my king, I would kneel, heck yeah i  even volunteer being his personal slave (dirty thoughts suddenly rumbling). Haha.

“I am Loki, prince of Asgard. You will kneel to me.”

“All humans crave subjugation.”


“In the end, you will always kneel.”

My king, you know i will always will. hahaha 😉

Last but not least, the bromance scene between thor and loki in the thor 2: the dark world. Let us spazzing together. Hahahaha.




sorry chingu ya~ , i cant help falling in lust with loki. hahaha.


p.s: There is no review on thor 2: the dark world. If you are a big fan of marvel’s films, you might like thor 2. You may as well rated it as entertaining movie you ever watched ( if you like loki more than thor).

my rating: 3/5