My Rating : 3.5/5
My Rating : 3.5/5

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Where do I start? I am not even a bit interested of seeing this film. I dont know when they will releasing the film or when it will hit the cinema. Least to say, this is not in the list of films ive been looking forward to watch. However, upon reading a bad review of this film, I was intrigued. How bad it was that it has been obliterated by critics in India. All of us can see that the casts of this film is merely no joke ; Vidya balan, Rajkumar Rao and Emraan Hashmi . They are an award nominees actors and their talent is incomparable. What went wrong in this film really arouses my curiosity. I downloaded this film and proceeded to watch it next day.

Mr. Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi) who found his true love in Vasudha, the florist that worked in his hotel.
Mr. Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi) who found his true love in Vasudha, the florist that worked in his hotel.

Here is my prediction on this film. It would be a love story. Hero and heroin against all odds will be together no matter what. Who doesnt love that, right? People pay big money to see that kind of illusion in a film. I was right. Yes, It is a love story. It is a different love story (kinda). How difference? It was between a widow and a single guy. Vasudha (acted by Vidya Balan) is a single mother who worked as florist to provide for her son right after her husband’s gone missing for 5 years. Here is the twist in a film. His husband has been missing for 5 years because of his involvement in a terrorist group. Police confirmed this to Vasudha due to some video clip resurfacing showing that Hari (Vasudha’s Husband) shot some of tourists in that footage. Vasudha get on with her life together with their son. It was difficult but she managed to did it on her own.

They have been working together in 2 films before this. Talk about overflowing chemistry, right?
They have been working together in 2 films before this. Talk about overflowing chemistry, right?

When is the conflict going to appear? Vasudha worked as a florist at one of the major hotel in India. She was good at her job and she was praised for her work. Her husband disappearances has been noticed by her colleagues but Vasudha told them it was normal due to his nature of work as tourist driver. Out of nowhere as usual, the hero appears and charmed the heroine. Mr Ruparel (acted by Emraan Hashmi) is a hotelier and looking for a venture to expand his hotel empire. He met vasudha accidentally in his room. It was cliché but it worked. People digs fell in love at the first sight. It was pure and filled with hope. Instantly, they liked each other but both of them has a different personality. Vasudha decided not to pursue due her status of a married woman but Mr. Ruparel felt that this was a first time he can love somebody more than his own self. Obviously, denial is not working out for Vasudha. She decided to seal her past and choose her own happiness with Mr. Ruparel.


Vasudha (Vidya Balan) tried to deny her own feeling by running away.
Vasudha (Vidya Balan) tried to deny her own feeling by running away.

When Vasudha returned to India, she found her husband returned to their house with a very poor condition. His husband explained to her the calamity that befell upon him. He has been framed in the video footage causing police to believe that he was a terrorist. She believed him but she couldnt return to be his wife again. She told the truth to her husband about her relationship with Mr Ruparel. Her husband felt so devastated. At this point, she felt guilty but she doesnt love her husband. She was forced in to this marriage and Hari (acted by Rajkumar Rao) treated her more like slave than a wife. Hari took a drastic descision to surrender to police. It causes national chaos as hari is fugitive and police has been looking for him ever since the tourist shooting. Vasudha asked Mr. Ruparel to help release her husband from jail. Being a selfless lover, Mr. Ruparel promised to help her in whatever means he can. Little did Vasudha knew that Hari planned everything. He wanted to make Vasudha drenched in guilt so that she can never be happy with Mr. Ruparel. Vasudha will be attached to him and pleading so that Hari admitted that he is indeed innocent. Hari acted he was doing it to give Vasudha’s happiness. He wanted to make Vasudha’s life a living hell.

Hari (Rajkumar Rao) tried to act that he pleaded guilty for the sake of his own wife.
Hari (Rajkumar Rao) tried to act that he pleaded guilty for the sake of his own wife.

Mr Ruparel found a proof saying that Hari is innocent. However, He and Vasudha is unable able to be together. Suffice to say, the fate has decided. Nothing can be done and Vasudha’s life completely shattered. she dumped her husband and living independently without Hari. Hari managed to track her down and threatening to kill her if she doesnt return to him.

Vasudha replied him with Kill me. That’s what men like you have done to women like me. You either killed us in the womb or right after birth. What strange tradition is this? Everything belongs to you. I’ve to wear your vermillion on my forehead. Your nuptial necklace around my neck. My wrists and your bangles. My womb, my blood, my milk and the child takes your name. Everything is yours”.

This is a story about betrayal and infidelity in marriage. This is also a story about sacrifice and selfless love. You are served with a question ‘What if it was not a happy marriage, what if he was not a good husband and what if there are present chances that let you escape from it?’. You might like it, you might despise it but for me a brilliant casts and a decent plot is a good combination to call this a good film. You might beg to differ but I watched it and thats how I felt.

P/s: Although, the ending is sad but it is a kind of good sad. Hari got what he deserved and Vasudha finally has a chance in reconciling with Mr. Ruparel (sort of).

It’s A Girl (2014) – Documentary Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating : 4.5/5
My Rating : 4.5/5

You don’t want a girl of your own,

Yet you crave one for your son,

Oh lord, what a twisted world that I live in.

                        This sentence suddenly popped out of my head when I was watching this documentary. Why this kind of unfair treatment boys over girls did still exists when we are on the peak of world’s modernization still bothered me a lot. We even witnessed how mankind first took a first step on the moon. We applauded when every single achievement that man and woman did regardless of what are their fields because any success are meant to be celebrated. First car, hand phone, television and every single thing that you can think of were first invented. Unfortunately, this means nothing when some part of the country still think that girl’s value less worthy than boy. Some of you may ask ‘Is there any relevancy to this?’ Just think when a girl in this particular country got treated the same way as boy, she may one day become successful and in a long term can contribute to the economy of the country just like a man in her own country. It really is saddening when some of the mothers that confessed has been killing their daughters and didn’t felt any remorse at all. It was disturbing. I didn’t like kids (mostly because they are annoying but it doesn’t mean i can kill them) but seeing how those mothers proudly demonstrated how they end their daughter’s life made me cried so hard.


                        One of the social workers went to Tamil Nadu, India to interview some of the mothers and was shocked by their reaction. They are willing to share the method to kill their daughters without any hesitation. I seriously asked where they all leaved their humanity. For 9 months, those mothers carrying their baby and have bonded the relationship ‘mother-children’ yet when it comes to the delivering the baby, they rather killed the baby when they knew it’s a girl. For those who didn’t kill the baby, the girl might not even have a chance to live. That’s because those mothers live in the extreme poverty. They wanted a son because of the whole dowry thing. If you gain a daughter in law, you get a big payment and gifts. However if you gain a daughter, you have to give a big payment and gifts to your in law family.

The social worker is demonstrating back the killing method told by the mothers around him.

                        This whole dowry thing sickened me to death but I am in no place to criticize it because it is not my culture. People often say, they are not yours so shut your mouth. India already banned it (the dowry) yet it is widely practiced in the country. When the burden (dowry) is being put on the daughters, nobody wanted to have one. I wanted to say we can change this via education but first, we have to let this daughters live first. Statistic shows that the gap between boys and girls population in India is increasing steadily driving the country on a verge of where the scarcity of girls might be possible.

Powerful Image but it is a sad truth for both countries, China and India.

                        China on the others hands, would be a whole lot different story. Their country are widely known for a policy of 1 child 1 family which right now has been increased to 2 child 1 family (if their first children is not son, they will be given another chance to have another children to get a son). The problem arises when your second children is still a girl. You can choose to keep the children but you may lose a chance to have a son. Forced abortion is permissible by China Government. If there is any family that has been found out try to have more than 2 children ( in many cases, they are expecting their third children) , forced abortion will be done right away. If the children did survive, he/she will not have any access to any government facilities and services. They are considered as Illegal citizen, up to some extent. This documentary showed China as one of the major contributor in the feticide cases.  Social worker in China interviewed one couple who had to run away to hide from the family planning enforcement officer. They are having more than 2 children and all of them turned out to be girls. They have been pressurized to abort the third children by their relatives but both of them didn’t want to do that. They separated their children and given to their relatives. I wonder how people look at them for making this decision. They both went into hiding.  The income that they earned, they send it back to relatives as a source to feed their children. I remember when one of the relatives commented that they should abort because it is a burden but the mother of those children said that it will be her burden to carry not yours. Listening to her answer made me feel so touched.

Their parents went into hiding fear of the retaliation and the punishment by China Government

                        One of the most unforgettable scenes in this documentary is when one couple shared their experience that their daughter has been a victim of a bride kidnapping. Yeah, I thought it happened in Kyrgyzstan only but turned out China also had this case. This couple told the horrible story when their daughter has been taken from them. After a few months looking for the girl, they got information claiming that their daughter has been kept hidden in a different city, a few miles from their home. They got back their daughter (safe and sound) but what made me feel so uncomfortable is the intention of kidnapping the girl. The kidnappers (both husband and wife) actually wanted to have the girl as the bride to their son. It is a true story but yet it made my jaw dropped because the girl is so young. This is one of long term effects faced by China for a huge gap between the population boys and girls.

                        Overall, if you wanted to know the serious issues behind the gendercide, feticide and infanticide, this is one of the documentaries that focus on the listed topic.

When Priyanka Chopra Portrays Mary Kom – Bollywood Biopic Film Review


My Rating : 4/5 (because i felt so inspired after watching this film!)

” It listens to just its own self,
It’s related to immaturity,
It roars coming and going,
It calls days nights.
Looks into the eyes of the fate..
It goes and says in the ears of wind
that fate is small
You’re very stubborn
This heart is stubborn,
This heart is stubborn, is stubborn “.

I am sorry, Rani and Kangana but I think Priyanka deserved an award for best actress in this film. Priyanka proved her versatility in choosing many roles (that does not usually end up at the hero’s arm). Look at her in Barfi!, 7 Khoon Maaf and Fashion (where she earned her first National Film Award). She can deliver a brilliant performance as an Autistic girl and now, as a boxer. My God, she really is dont hold back at all. She keep coming to the big screen and deliver a mind blowing performance. First of all let me clarify to all the hater”s remarks saying Priyanka didn’t look like M.C Mary Kom at all. Yes, it is true but have you seen how a good film has been smeared by a very bad make up. I think it is a good decision that they opted out from using prosthetic eye lids on Priyanka Chopra. Second of all, Why priyanka? She might had a difficulty in her early career but look how far she has improving. Film after film, she earned numerous of nominations for her performance. If that’s not good enough, then i dont know what is.

I am glad they didnt do this.

For some of you who might not know (heck, i also knew this after i watched Chak de! India and this film), Mary Kom was born in Manipur. Most of people in Manipur look like Burmese/Vietnamese (correct me if I am wrong!). Manipur also remain one of the states in India with a series of militant insurgencies that occurred there. The situation there remain restless.  Mary Kom also told in her perspective on how people of Manipur also remain unrecognizable as India Citizen because of their skin color and eye features. Foreigner who never been in India had a hard time to recognize her as Indian. I am hoping to explore more about conflict in Manipur after watching this film but first, let’s talk about this biopic film. Priyanka told the press that the production team tried the approach of changing her face to resemble a bit like Mary Kom. However, they felt it might not work and due to that Priyanka is willing to change her body (to build a muscle exactly like her). She said that if her face cant be changed to look like MC Mary Kom, lets get her body resembled MC Mary Kom. Hey, guess what? She totally did. Her muscle is so ripped in the movie. In the beginning of the film, Mary kom is described as rebellious girl in the family. In term of tenacity, she has it all. She kicked her friend’s boyfriend because the boy beat her friend. She fought with a man twice her size to gain bit money for her brother.

Mary Kom & Her Coach

She finally realized she can achieve her dream when she stumbled upon the boxing gym. She asked the coach to help her being a good boxer but the coach Narjit Singh wanted her to earn the glove. She kept coming to the gym for 20 days without any teaching or class from the coach. She’s just waiting at the corner of the gym. Finally, the coach decided to teach her because of her persistence and dedication. She challenged herself day by day and finally it all works out. She made name for herself and became a world champion for three times. For me, it’s not only her hard work and stubbornness that contributed to her success, her family and her husband is also one of the factors why she is so fearless in chasing her dream. Her father who initially against her dream finally  supported her. There is one scene that i particularly remember when her father asked her to choose between her boxing glove or him? MC Mary Kom without any hesitation answered that she would choose her glove. Yes, it is very typical in Asian culture that parents always have a say in the future. To those who didnt have any parent’s objection regarding what you wanted to do in the future, consider yourself a lucky one.

Mary Kom & Her father

Her husband, Onler (before they got married, he was Mary Kom’s best friend) is a very sweet and supportive guy. He doesnt feel intimidated with Mary Kom. He cheered up for her in every game, being her rock when Mary Kom is being judge unfairly in the competition and even force her to continue her winning streak after she’s having a baby. In other words, he is and always remain her number one fan in the world. Did i tell you that the coach Narjit Singh refused to come to Mary Kom’s Wedding because he against the idea of her getting married? Their relationship grew weaker and Mary Kom didnt return to arena for 2 years in order to focus on her family. When people no longer recognized her as Mary Kom, she felt so sad and devastated. She felt so miserable but she doesnt know how to cope with it. Her husband asked her to get back into the boxing and making a comeback in the sport. She became a world champion again in 2008 and was hailed as ‘Magnificent Mary’.

Mary Kom and Her Husband

This is the right film to watch whenever you feel so distressed or in need of something to inspire you. The sound track of ‘Ziddi Dil’ really did justice to the whole film. I forgot how many times i push repeat button for that song but i am sure it’s alot. Maardani and Queen is a great film but with ‘Mary Kom’, it is far more superior film. You got the flavor of fighter and dreamer in a story line. If you didnt watch it, please do so.

The real Mary Kom and Her Husband attended one of the film screening.

KICK (2014) – Bollywood Movie Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4/5

Dhoom + Krrish = KICK

“Surprisingly, Kick has a gripping story compared to Dhoom 3 and full pack masala action of superhero compared to Krrish 3”.Those who followed threechinguz knew me too well as i always am babbling of how much i love bollywood masala films. Yes, sometimes, it get sucks with draggy storyline or overacting casts but i still love them anyway. If KICK turned out to be one of those kind of Masala films, i did not mind at all considering Masala films could be pretty generic. Man, how i love when it turned out i was wrong. When this film released a few months ago, i was shocked seeing some of bollywood websites gave KICK a pretty much good review and rating. Honestly, i didnt expect much. Believe me, i love salman khan (he used to be my crush when i was 7 years old) but when it comes to act in Masala film, he’s pretty much himself —- Dabangg, Dabangg 2, or Bodyguard is just an example of his film whereby he would be swinging gun, throwing punches, beating bad guys and etc..etc.

Dhoom 3 + Krrish 3 = KICK
Dhoom 3 + Krrish 3 = KICK

I am not saying KICK is not masala-full action pack-hero centric film. It is 100% what i’ve described it in the previous sentence. I am saying it is better than Dhoom 3 (because i was expecting it to be good but it turned out to be just okay) and it is less disappointing than Krrish 3 (because Vivek and Kangana is the only saving grace in the film). Let me start with my criticism on this film: 1) Jacqueline Fernandez, You are super gorgeous but girl, just because your role is psychiatrist , then you need to wear a glasses? (it’s not her fault but cant you say something to whoever wrote this script? it is super clicheeeeeeeee) 2) The animation describing how devi lal is different from everybody is just super creepy and using laptop upside down is considered as one of his capability? Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Salman Khan as 'Devil Lal Singh' & 'Devil'
Salman Khan as ‘Devil Lal Singh’ & ‘Devil’

Just like Aamir Khan said in Koffee with Karan show, nobody cant deny that Salman Khan has star power. He has that ‘charismatic’ presence and people are attracted to his film. I am just stating the truth (just look at his record in rolling in the 100 carore,200 carore, yada-yada carore films) nowadays. He manipulated his star power by acting in this kind of films and roles. After watching KICK, i must say it works. His character in KICK, is someone who is compulsive and always up to any challenge to find the excitement in his life. He is a genius and somehow, ended up with no life purposes. It is his luck indeed to have a very supportive and understanding parents. He didnt work and constantly quit right after a few days as he said work makes him stifle. He then met a heroine, Dr Shaina Mehra. They fell in love. Blah..Blah (Bollywood cliche’) and when they try to get serious (getting married etc..) , their relationship ended. They failed to work out their differences and Devi Lal walked out of their relationship while Dr Shaina move to Poland with a broken heart.

Jacqueline Fernandez as 'Dr Shaina'
Jacqueline Fernandez as ‘Dr Shaina’

A year has passed and Dr Shaina’s father wanted her to get married. He asked Dr. Shaina to fetch Himanshu from the airport hoping that something will occur between them. He wanted Himanshu to be his son in law and her daughter can find happiness again (why father always find that marriage is the only thing that can make her daughter happy, i also cant understand it? — I rather get an IPAD not a husband. bleghhhh). Along the way, Himanshu and Dr Shaina talked about each other which led to the topic of the person their obsessed with? Dont ask me how they get to the topic, they just did. Dr Shaina pretty be frank to himanshu and telling him about someone she used to love which is Devi while Himanshu told her the frustration of failing to catch a smart criminal name ‘devil’.

Randeep Hooda as 'Himanshu'
Randeep Hooda as ‘Himanshu’

Himansu is portrayed by Randeep Hooda in this film. We all know how brilliance he is in the ‘Highway’. He managed to carry the role as police officer without overdoing it. He kept calm and cool whenever any problem occurred cause by ‘devil’. We may think that he will be overshadowed by Sallu Bhai but it didnt happen. In fact, Himanshu role brought a balance in this  masala action film. He didnt annoy us with his appearance in the film unlike (Abishek and uday in Dhoom 3). He brought an A-game to challenge Devil back and he didnt back down from any setback that happened. To credit Salman solely on the success of KICK film is unfair considering Randeep is pretty much one of the backbones in the film.

Nawazzidin Siddiqui as 'Shiv Ghajra'
Nawazzidin Siddiqui as ‘Shiv Ghajra’

Nawazzudin Sidiqui is a villain in KICK 3. Oh please, that man can freaking ACT with his eyes shut. I dont do any commentary on his acting considering his performance is lauded from critics both local and international on gangs of wasseypur 2, Lunchbox, Bombay Talkies and the list went on and on. He portrayed the role of a minister’s nephew who is a do-gooder and a savior especially in the medical field. He was praised by the media for his charity and good work. However, behind the mask of do gooder, is a vicious, corrupt and abusive man. He’s doing all the charity for the sake of money. The scenes where Nawazuddin in the film is too little but hey, he did his best in all of it. With a creepy laugh and being snarky to his own people, he brought his own rule in the villain role he played.

Jumme Ki Raat Shot - Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan
Jumme Ki Raat Shot – Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan

Before i forget to mention it, i really love all the songs in this film. ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ and ‘Hangover’ is a very addictive songs. Dont forget to watch Jacqueline Fernandez solo dance shot in ‘Jumme Ki Raat’. Damn, it is freaking hot. Another song in this film is ‘Yaar Na Miley’ whereby Nargis Fakhri dancing in it also suits my taste (though i felt so annoyed with yo yo honey singh voice in the song). FYI, Salman Khan lend his voice in ‘Hangover’ song. Overall, i ended up giving KICK 4 stars as i think this film deserved it. Yes, the actress could act a little bit better, the script could be improved but what blew my mind is the purpose of DEVIL in doing all the robberies. It is not for himself but for the sake of unfortunate childs around him. In short, It is like Robin Hood version Masala Bollywood with a vengeance and a little bit of ‘Kick’ in it. If you’re looking for action, romance & masala-flavor in bollywood film, this is the right choice to start with.

Shala (2011) : Marathi Film Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4.5/5
My Rating: 4.5/5

Shala (2011) is a bit of everything that will instantly make you miss your school. It does not matter whether that is where you met your first love, the first time you were being punished by your teacher, the times you spent with your classmates and friends or what grade did you flunked and cannot proceed to the following grade. This only happened at school. Joshi, the main character is a smart and hardworking boy in the class. He is surrounded by his friends (Surya or also known as Mathe, Chitrya and Favdya) who didn’t really do well in their studies. Prior to that, he’s ended up being a helper in their study and homework. He doesn’t mind it because they all are friends. After all, what are friends for? The friendship that they had is beautiful. When Joshi got bullied, his friends defended him. When Joshi got beaten by her teacher, his friends searched for a school guardian so that he could apply an ointment on Joshi’s wound. Joshi is looked up by his friends and whenever they play quizzes between boys and girls, they knew they can depend on Joshi. He always managed to get a correct answer.

Joshi, Chitrya (chitre), Surya (Mhatre) & Favdya
Joshi, Chitrya (chitre), Surya (Mhatre) & Favdya
Anshuman Joshi as Mukund Joshi
Anshuman Joshi as Mukund Joshi

Joshi is raised in a typical Indian family (but not very typical, I guess). He has a mom who does not working and a sister who just finished school and waiting to get married. The time setting for this film is the pre-emergency (set in the 70’s in the rural India). I don’t know much about India’s history but while watching the film, I saw many conversations led to how the time is not right and people are being extra careful to their surrounding because they don’t know when it will happen. The talk of ‘emergency’ suddenly become a sensitive issue and people avoided to talk about it in the open space. Joshi, being a very perceptive and a good listener, knew about it and felt it is not right. He discussed it with his teacher where his teacher pointed out that Joshi is right but he can’t talk about it any further due to Joshi is still young at that time.

Joshi and His Uncle
Joshi and His Uncle

Joshi has a very close relationship to his uncle. For him, His uncle is the liberation source of him. He learned English from him and even went to watch many English movies together with him. His uncle treated Joshi like friend but in the same time, insisted him to keep focused and motivated in study but never forget to follow his heart. In this film, it showed that Joshi dare to do many things due to his uncle’s advice. I remember one particular scene where Joshi met his classmate at Cineplex and scoffed her at the back for going out with a guy who is a lot older than her. His uncle then said to him ‘You were supposed to applaud her for her boldness. It is because of people like her that our country can move forward and progress. Her bravery to do something that people cannot do is something to be admired’. You’ve got to admit it is true. It makes sense if you heard it in the 70’s. It is the time where mostly parents are conservative.

Ketaki Mategaonkar as Shirodkar
Ketaki Mategaonkar as Shirodkar
Joshi and Shirodkar
Joshi and Shirodkar

In this film, Joshi’s age is 14. It is the age of teens. It is the time where people will say ‘boys will be boys’ and it goes vice versa. Joshi did like one of his classmates named Shirodkar but he can’t bring himself to confess to her. He was shy and so was she. They exchanged glance in the class but that was it. He then took initiative to attend extra tuition where he found out earlier that Shirodkar also attended. He was happy and tried to strategize on how he could talk to her. Later, he confessed to her. They became friends for a brief amount of time. Not long after that, one of Joshi’s friend, Surya wanted to confess to a girl he liked. Joshi does not want to accompany Surya but he was dragged along by him. Sadly, the confession went wrong and the girl rejected Surya right away. When they were in the class that day, they were called by the principal. The girl reported to her parent and her parent brought this matter to school. Surya and Joshi were being canned and were told to bring their father to the meeting on the following day. The fault is not so serious but the girl framed Surya that he held her hand and Joshi was his accomplice. They denied the allegation to the principal but the principal refused to listen.

Joshi told everything to his father
Joshi told everything to his father

When Joshi brought the warning to his father, his father remained calm and quiet. His mother and sister repeatedly scolded him and could not understand why his father didn’t hit him. It was quite a relief seeing his father and his uncle is very similar in educating the children. They communicated and talked first to know what really happened. Joshi told his father everything and swore that he and surya didn’t touch the girl’s hand at all. He told his father that Surya confessed his love to the girl and when he’s being turned down by the girl, they let the girl passed by. His father smiled at Joshi and hugged him assured that nothing will happen to him. We all know that to have a father like Joshi is one in a million ratios especially when you are from typical Asian family. You will be scolded first although you are innocent just like his sister and mother did to him. His father insisted that the girl told the truth and assured the principal that this was puberty case. They were growing up and they tend to do a reckless thing.

They met at the old building to discuss their homework and study together before school.
They met at the old building to discuss their homework and study together before going to school.

This film basically emphasized on the point that you have to cherish every moment in your life. If you don’t, you will regret later for not doing so. When everything is going so well in Joshi’s life, Shirodkar moved away and didn’t even meet Joshi to bid adieu. Joshi managed to get the fifth place in his 9th grade and will proceed to 10th grade. However, 2 of his friends failed the exam and another one is quitting school due to his family problems. At the final scene, Joshi sat on the big rock alone and sobbing that he’s going to face 10th grade without his friends. By the way, Shala in Marathi means School.


by Ruby Gege n1pb3n



Now, Queen, where did you come from? Appearing on the news online without a warning and stealing hearts of many viewers. The film inspired us, touched us as it made us smile, laugh and cry at the same time at the journey of self-discovery of its main character, Rani (literally translated to Queen).

The film is divided into three main stages and I shall review based on this stages.

1st Stage – Rani, the Rajouri Delhi Girl

Queen-2014The film opened with the introduction to its heroine, Rani. Rani was a simple girl whose life goal is to spend the rest of her life with her fiance and nothing else. She was pretty much a submissive girl – submissive to her wealthy loving family, submissive to her friends and submissive to her boyfriend. She had no other dreams but to get married and her fashion sense was comparable to that of a grandma.

For Rani, she was living the perfect life she had always wished for.

Until her fiance broke off the engagement and dumped her just like that, two days before their supposed wedding.

Rani’s glass castle was shattered. Her dreams, ruined. She had nothing else.

REVIEW – I am so surprised to see Kangana pulled off the village-girl-in-a-city act so confidently. Mind you, Kangana is a super hot urban woman, rugged and rebellious.  There was vulnerable in her eyes, delicacy in her body gestures and overall simplicity to her performance that made Rani such a heartfelt character.

2nd Stage – Our Rani in Paris, Carefully Walking out of Her Shell

Rani’s sadness propelled her to materialize her dream to visit her dream city, Paris. She was supposed to visit the city and Amsterdam anyway for her already-paid honeymoon. The prospect of spending the honeymoon by herself depressed her but it did not deter her spirit to experience something new… to try leaving the sadness behind. By now, Rani’s confidence was low. The man she had loved threw her away just like that.

queen movie stills 2014Paris was a strange city to navigate but Rani embraced all of its weirdness with a brave yet intrigued soul. She made a friend out of the hotel staff, the mega hot Vijaylaxmi, who was there for her when she was alone. Rani slowly found the joy of life she had been missing and acquired the increasing taste of independence and freedom of her mind – either in wearing clothes she couldn’t wear before or dancing crazily in a club, an act her former fiance had always disapproved of.

queen-danceREVIEW – What I love most about Rani’s Paris adventure is that notwithstanding the fact that she enjoyed the city and the new things she discovered, she remained the sweet polite Indian girl that she was. She accepted the differences in the most broad-minded of ways. How can we possibly achieve happiness if everyone is the same? Rani learned her lessons to SEEK FOR HER OWN HAPPINESS and most importantly, TO BE HERSELF. Instead of letting people define her, Rani sought for her own definition.


3rd Stage – Rani, leader of the Gang of Amsterdam

foreign-actors-in-queenThe most fun part of the film is this one!! After some soul-searching in Paris, Rani continued her travel to Amsterdam, his former’s fiance favourite city. Vijaylaxmi, her new best friend accidentally booked her a room in a hostel, meaning she had to share a room with 3 super cute guys (Oleksander, Tim and Taka). I do suspect Vijaylaxmi did that on purpose! Hehehe. Rani, though very awkward and cautious around the cuties (since she was a girl travelling on her own and there were like… 3 of them in the room), she soon warmed up to them.

1381736_666298176741311_792477644_nWell, how could she not since they are literally the nicest and kindest men around?!! During Rani’s first night there, she took her pillow and blanket and slept on a bench outside. The three guys decided to sleep outside and ask Rani to sleep in the room instead. Within days, they became the best of friends and Rani let her guard down to them, opening them to her heart. At the same time, Rani also met a chef whom she crushed on, even kissing him!!

REVIEW – Rani, whose confidence was slowly built in Paris, had to amass courage in living with three guys she had never met before in a hostel. She did not chicken out. She stayed and she explored the city together with Oleksander (whom she affectionately called Sikander), Tim and Taka. She bonded emotionally most with the Japanese Taka, a cheerful guy from the outside but hid a great pain inside. He lost his whole family due to the tsunami. The scene where Rani hugged Taka whilst they were dancing in the room was so touching. And I cried so much watching the moment where the three guys were to leave Amsterdam – Taka hugged Rani and left, only to come back and hug her one more time!! It was sooooo sad!!!! What a strong friendship they share!!

Despite the fact that the fiance wanted her back (only after realizing that Rani is slowly transitioning to the modern fashionable woman he had always wanted), Rani rejected him. However, she did not harbour any hatred or vengeance towards him. Instead, she hugged her ex-fiance with gratitude. “Thank you,” she said to him, for if it was not for his cowardice and stupidity, she would not have found her freedom, her independence and finally, herself.

queen-503QUEEN is a beautiful film from every aspect. Kangana is amazing. Vijaylaxmi, Oleksander, Tim and Taka are amazing. Every characters, including Rani’s ultra-supportive family, are amazing. It delivers the message of love, friendship, freedom, the discovery to one’s self and appreciation of live so effectively in mere 2 and half hours. It did an amazing job, leaving us with a truly sweet and wonderful aftertaste.

Always remember – be yourself, be happy, be free…. and be a Queen!!


Total Siyapaa (2014) : Bollywood Movie Review

By The Gorgeous Palah

My Rating: 3/5

Total Siyapaa not doing really well in India’s Box office is not a surprising matter if you done watching this movie. There are many loopholes in the story and the plot somehow is less intact. If you are not Ali Zafar’s fans, you are not going to able to watch it until the end. Ali Zafar makes this film bearable to watch it though Kirron Kher’s Performance is loved by many critics. Yami Gautam and Ali Zafar are under fire for not performing really well in this film. I agreed with them because Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam could have done better. To be honest, there is no chemistry between them. When Ali Zafar announced Total siyapaa would be his next project, I could not wait for 2013 to be over just so I could watch this film. If you knew the story about Indian girl and Pakistani Boy, you would know it would be overdramatic and cliché, I must say. However, those who have been his fans also knew that Ali Zafar’s strength would be in Romantic Comedy Film. Total Siyapaa is expected to be a massive hit like chasme buddoor, Mere brother ki dulhan or Tere Bin Laden by his fans (including myself).

Ali Zafar as 'Aman'
Ali Zafar as ‘Aman’
Yami Gautam As 'Asha'
Yami Gautam As ‘Asha’

The story begins with Aman came to London to meet Asha’s family. They agreed to meet somewhere first so they could sort out everything. However, things did not go well when Aman is being followed by a police as he suspected Aman to be a terrorist. When Aman being detained, Asha was furious and wanted to lodge the complaint for unlawful detention. Aman, then being released and asked Asha to postpone the whole family meetings. Aman felt it is a bad sign to meet them that day since him being detained by the police in the morning. Asha insisted and dismissed Aman’s superstitiousness. Before Aman and Asha arrived, things at Asha’s home are a bit chaotic. Asha’s mom is a typical Punjabi mom and can be very loud sometimes; Asha’s older sister who is married but splitted with her husband due to some minor problems, Asha’s younger brother who is hot headed and always complained about problem caused by their Pakistani neighbor and Asha’s blind and forgetful grandfather.

When Asha told her mom that Aman is from Pakistan.
When Asha told her mom that Aman is from Pakistan.
Asha assures Aman everything will be okay
Asha assures Aman everything will be okay

Asha should have told Aman earlier how was her mom and her siblings so that Aman knew what he will be facing. Since Asha asked Aman just to trust her, Aman didn’t expected that Asha’s house filled with crazy people. He shuts his mouth and endures the whole meeting until Asha’s mom asked which part of India, Aman came from. That was the button start of the whole problem. Her family knew Asha would bring back a Muslim boy. They are okay with it since love knows no boundary and Asha’s happiness is their priority. However, after they knew Aman from Pakistan, Asha’s mom burst out and exploded. She can handle a Muslim as her son in law but she can’t accept that Aman is from Pakistan. Asha’s mom afraid that Aman will get married more than 1, Asha will be forced to change his religion or how their children’s religion will be determined if they did get married. Asha assured her mom that nothing will happen since Aman is a liberal and open minded Muslim guy. He does not believe in polygamy and will let their kids choose their own religion when the right time comes. Well, it can only be in the story. If you married a guy or a girl with different religion from you, there are many problems you have to encounter and sometimes it takes toll on your relationship.

1385507862cd37a-big-3 456368229_640

While Asha and her mom discussed the relationship matter, Aman excused himself and went to a kitchen. He wanted to reheat the frozen soup but somehow the soup pot slipped from Aman’s hand and hit the pedestarian who walked near the neighborhood at night. Aman panicked and didn’t know what to do. He went down to help the guy but Asha forbids him to do it. Asha’s afraid that Aman will be detained for being a potential killer and it will do no good to her. Asha called an ambulance as an anonymous tip and dragged Aman back into the house. Aman felt uncomfortable and wanted to get a fresh air. Suddenly, he saw Asha’s family picture on the wall. He knows the person who has been hit by the soup pot is Asha’s father. Things get complicated when Asha’s sister speculates to Asha that their father was having an affair and that’s why he always come back home late. There are so many incidents happened at one night and it did test whether the relationship and love that Aman and Asha have is strong enough or not. It supposed to be funny but somehow, it failed to grasp the essence of humor and you are left to wonder when the film is going to end since you have lost interest already in the first 30 minutes.

total 4

Ali Zafar is known as the Pop Prince in Pakistan. He penned and composed majority of the songs in this movie. My favorite would be Nahi Maloom, Total Siyapaa and Palat Meri Jaan. Ali Zafar’s manly voice is soothing and very relaxing. Total Siyapaa has a bit comedy in it since it’s a theme song. Siyapaa means chaos in Hindi. Ali stressed in his lyrics that though all of her family members is crazy, but he can accept it since he loves her. That why he described Asha’s love in the song is total siyapaa (total chaos). Overall, it is watchable if you are fans of Ali Zafar and Yami gautam. If not, you will be feeling dreadful and regretted why you choose to watch it in the first place.