My New Flame, Priyanka Chopra

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Before Barfi, no one ever thought Priyanka can act (what i’m trying to say that she can act but not brilliantly). Don’t blame me for saying so because I think she’s terrific in Anjaana Anjaani, Fashion, 7 khoon Maaf and Barfi. It is not her fault that people could not get past her gorgous body and exotic face. I mean, if you look at her, you know she looks different. Not bad different but good different. Well, if you beg to disagree with me, go on because she was after all Miss World Pageant 2000. Anyway, my intention here is not to write about Priyanka Chopra’s acting ability. I am sure all of you knew that she’s one of the fine actresses in Bollywood Industry right now. She earned so many awards and praised by critics for her films like Fashion (2008), 7 Khoon Maaf (2011) and Barfi (2012).

I am here just to spazzing how I love that she agreed to do item song for 2 films in 2012 and 1 film for 2013. Katrina Kaif will always be my goddess but damn, Priyanka may able to steal the title. Oh my god, this is so not straight statement from me. Haha.

  1. Asalaam E Ishqum – Gunday (2014)

The moment I listened to this song in cinema, I was instantly hooked. Everything is so masala and overdramatic. Priyanka as a cabaret girl in this song just blew me away. I mean, who the fuck does not want to tap that ass (Palah, please control your lust). I am a freaking straight girl but if I get any chance with her, well that could turn out to be another story. She’s hot in her own music video ‘Erotic’ but it is incomparable in this music video. I wish Ranveer and Arjun didn’t featured in the video though the voice of male playback singer in the song is so addictive. I don’t know how many times I raped the repeat button on my Ipod for this song only.

1176391_10151841849911556_2079082798_n Asalaam-e-Ishqum-Video-Song-Poster Assalam-e-Ishqu priyanka-chopra-cabaret-song-asalaam-e-ishqum-from-gunday_13910641782200

  1. Ram Chahe Leela – Ram Leela (2013)

Ram Chahe Leela might not appeal you at first, but It will grows on you. I mean, Ram Leela film’s sound track is pretty damn good. From Ang Laga De, Lahu Munh Lag Gaya to Nagada Sang Dhol, you will be hooked to all of it right away. Ram Chahe Leela might take a longer time for me to like it, but hey, In the end, i love it as much as other song. Priyanka agreed to cameo for this song and she delivered the hell of a dance in the film. The voice of playback singer in the song also suited her looks well.

625186-pinka-1383230331-780-640x480 3136368668 ei-176375 M_Id_432025_ramchaheleela M_Id_433309_Ram_Chahe_Leela

  1. Babli Badmaash Hai (2013)

I don’t really love Babli Badmaash. The hype around the song is so huge that when I listened to it, I am kind of disappointed. This is the first item song that Priyanka agreed to do in Bollywood. When Priyanka fans spreading the word about how good it was, I was actually feeling ‘Mehhhhh’ about the song. The dance routine is good and Priyanka in black leather tight one piece suit with neon light attached is freaking weird but sexy in the same time. Maybe I just didn’t love the song. I still enjoy Priyanka in this anyway (or maybe because John Abraham was in there too). Haha.

babli_badmaash babli-badmaash-hai Priyanka-Chopra-Babli-Badmaash pryanaka-babli

Madras Cafe (2013) – Review

by Ruby Chingu

Image Rating: 9/10 (An excellent political thriller!)

Directed by: Shoojit Sircar

Starring: John Abraham as Major Vikram Singh, Nargis Fakhri as Jaya Sahni, Ajay Rathnam as Anna Bashkaran

Plot: Madras Cafe revolves around the role of Indian government in the civil war crisis in Sri Lankan between the ruling government and the Tamil Tigers, who fought for an independent Tamil state. Vikram of the Indian Army, an intelligence officer had been assigned for a mission in Sri Lanka. He was confronted with the complex political situations there, particularly the one involving the top leaderships of the Tamil Tigers consisting of Anna Bashkaran, its charismatic leader and his commanders. He received assistance from a tough London-based war correspondent, Jaya, who gave him access to her networking. Soon, his involvement with the intrigue cost him the most important thing in his life and India its leader.

Review: I came across this excellent film one day when Palah told me a new film starring Nargis Fakhri that I should really check out. I first saw her in Rockstar (2011) and somehow, beneath that pouting character and dubbed voice, I find her to be a good actress. She has that strong elegant look in her face and no one can deny that she’s really pretty. However, she could not speak Hindi and that limits her acting range. My anxiety disappeared once I discovered that she spoke full English in Madras Cafe, a language she was familiar with.

Madras Cafe owes its superb quality to its fast pace, riveting performances from its casts and the sensitive nature of the subject matter. I was not bored for one single second while watching the film. The story first focused on the terrible situation of the Tamil citizens in Sri Lanka, the rebel acts of the Tamil Tigers against the government in defending their rights to the repercussion of the violence from both sides. The ones to suffer the most in an armed conflict is, as always, the innocent citizens.

ImageThen, we were directed towards the role of one particular officer in the conflict, the up and rising Major Vikram Singh, who, at first, seemed to have a big potential. John as Vikram Singh was brawny, smart and confident. His confidence persuaded us to believe at first that he would somehow solve the political problems he was tasked with. However, as the plot unraveled, he struggled with the fact that he was quite alone amidst the fight and his helplessness was soon made obvious. May I just say – John Abraham is a great actor! What an improvement after many years in the business. He was never in my radar as I always had dubious feelings over his reputation as a sex symbol (he still is, btw) but with this film, his acting proved that I completely misjudged him. And damn, he made me swoon without having to put in an effort. Even when fully covered with an army uniform, he’s hot. And sexy. No need to expose his six packs and broad shoulders like Siddarth and Varun in Student of The Year.

ImageTo those who think Nargis can’t act, you are completely wrong. Because she played the character of a tough journalist so well in this film. I am so happy with her decision to play a character that doesn’t rely on her beauty (because like John, she’s also super hot). With her looks, she could have just played a pretty character or serve as an eye-candy in any film. However, Nargis went for substance! And that made me a fan out of her. There is a look of dedication and fearlessness in the character Jaya played by her, who would not compromise any of her impartiality in favour of political bias-ness.

ImageAnother performance, which is actually my favourite, that should be noted is Ajay Rathnam’s, who played Anna, the powerful leader of the Tamil Tigers. His acting was impeccable. He had that stern charismatic expressions that glued us to the screen. Even though most of the world had branded him a terrorist, Anna was steadfast in his conviction that the Tamil Tigers were fighting for the right cause. He believed that they were not terrorists but independence fighters seeking autonomy for their people.

His character posed us audience one important question – were the Tamil Tigers doing the right thing or vice versa?

Such is the core of the sensitive political issue surrounding this film. Looking at it from the perspective of the Sri Lankan government, the Tamil Tigers are a group of very dangerous rebels. Howwever, the Tamil Tigers believed that the government had maligned their people for such a long time with discrimination and violence. They were only retaliating against that.


The film did a good job by presenting to us two sides of the coin, the right side by Major Vikram and the other side by Anna. Jaya, as a journalist, represents the neutral third-party view. None of this views can be absolutely correct or wrong. Each actions are relative to the situations one is in. The audience are not bound to make choices, thanks to the balance provided by multiple perspective in the film.

The sad truth is that there is no truth. There are acts and there are repercussions. There are attacks and there are defenses. Somehow, that is the way things are in a politically unstable country and a man like Vikram, who tried to do the right thing, could not possibly change anything with his one-man power.


The film also invites the audience to ponder upon the issue of intervention. When a neighbouring country is having internal conflicts, should the government step in and intervene in a jurisdiction which is not under its purview? India, here, is trying to assist in easing the Sri Lankan civil war, resulting in the assassination of their ex-Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi (since he was the one who sent Indian officials to that island in the first place.) Some may think of it as an effort to foster peace whilst others may deem the intervention as excessive and a breach to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.


The film ended with the assasination of Rajiv Gandhi, the ex-Prime Minister of India. Even though the character did not have many scenes in the film, its role is huge, considering he was the then-Head of Government in India. During the scenes leading up to his assassination, I felt anxious and scared and a bit sad for him. Not because I admired the man (I barely knew him historically) but because the Tamil Tigers had an elaborate secret plan on how to kill him.


The organization was first to utilize the method of a human bomb (or suicide bomber). The bomber here was a female and disguised herself to be an attendee at Gandhi’s campaign. As she pretended to touch his feet as a sign of reverence, she detonated the bomb, killing herself, Mr Gandhi and 25 others.At that moment, no one could believe an innocent looking girl wearing a traditional dress could carry a bomb underneath her dress to fulfill her mission in killing the leader of one of the biggest country in the world. But she did. And somehow, India’s honour was severely marred with shame and ineffectiveness to protect him.

FYI, Rajiv Gandhi shared the same fate as his mother, Indira Gandhi who was assassinated during her tenure as Prime Minister. Being a member of a huge political dynasty can be a bit scary, I must say. I know they are rich and all, but man, to think that one would suicide-bomb any of your family members is unfathomable. Not the kind of stress I would want to live with.

In conclusion, Madras Cafe is a must-watch. Even if you are not into political thriller, I am sure this film will make you a fan of one. Even though it is devoid of romance between the two main leads, it is still very great. Because its excellence does not rely on delusional cutesy romantic-romantic poochie poochie shits. Madras Cafe is a serious film that will make you think and turn a bit political. The impact will stay with you after a few days, reminding you of how great the film is.

Damn, this is one fucking long review……..

Item Songs/Numbers in Bollywood

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

Chikni Chameli
‘Chikni Chameli’ song in Agneepath

I am for once, considered myself as a feminist (mind you, I am more on a beginner level as i am still learning and educate myself about it). I disapproved anything that objectifying women sexually. I hated seeing anything that associate with women subjugation. I read a lot about how women being treated unfairly at certain countries. It is in my deep interest to champion in women education one day and hopefully I can accomplish that before I die.  However, I am facing a dilemma between my deep interests on championing women rights with my liking of item songs. This two does not go well together apparently. Item songs or item numbers apparently has little or no connection with Bollywood films but they are been featured in the film as a marketing strategy to attract more audiences. This is to ensure people watching the film even it is for the sake of item number/girl. When people buy full price ticket just to see item number/girl, You can imagine what usually they sell in it? Of course, they sell the image of a very beautiful girl, wearing seductive clothes showing the voluptuous body and a dance song with an addictive and crazy beats.

Munni Badnam Hui
‘Munni Badnam Hui’ song in Dabangg

This is what I deem as my guilty pleasure. I hate it when I see any advertisement using every inch of women body for the sake of profit. Item numbers are one of the marketing elements in Bollywood industry. I suppose to condemn it but I didn’t. The reason I didn’t is I fucking love Bollywood films. The movies they produced are suits to my taste. Well, if you live in Malaysia and see how Malay movies are made of, you will understand why I rather choose Bollywood. Apparently I am not alone. Ruby loves item songs as much as I did though we did have different taste in music. Fatma might not share our craze on the item numbers but nevertheless, she still loves Bollywood films.

Masha Allah
‘Masha Allah’ Song in Ek Tha Tiger

The first item song I came across is Chikni Chameli. That was the time I have a huge crush on Katrina Kaif. I will sit in the corner, staring at my laptop, ravaging Katrina’s body with my eyes repeatedly until I got bored with it. My second favorite item song is Munni Badnam Hui that featured in Dabangg. Malaika maybe too thin to suits my taste but the song is worthy to replay. I lost my count how many times I listened to it but I really love it. I know it also one of the phenomenal songs in India at the time it was released. Third Item song is MashaAllah in Ek Tha Tiger film. The song kind has an Arabic fusion in it. That’s why I love it and of course again, Katrina Kaif. I just wish that there would be only Katrina Kaif version of MashaAllah. Not that I don’t like Salman Khan, I just wanted Katrina more on screen.

The rest of the list is my favorite item numbers:

kareena-fevicol-se 4) Fevicol se- Dabangg 2

You may like it or you may hate it. It has absurd lyric but i am obsessed with this  song. I even make it as my ringtone. I don’t know why but I guess Sajid and Wajid  really the geniuses in making item songs. They had both element of naughty and  catchy in the song.

157J1810-530x353 5) Allah Duhai Hai – Race 2

The combination of Atif Aslam and Vishal Dhadlani is so powerful. The chorus  part is what makes me addicted to the song.

sawsunny 6) Laila Teri Le Li – Shoot out at wadala

Mika singh make me crazy about this song. Sunny Leone, she can’t dance but  what the heck, she’s gorgeous (and you rarely saw a porn star featured in  bollywood song).

298537-mere-brother-ki-dulhan 7) Do Dhaari thalwar- Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

What I like about this song is how Katrina and imraan chemistry wonderfully  works. Ali zafar also brings out humor as he can’t control his facial expression  when his ex-girlfriend also one of the item girls in the song.

london-paris-new-york-ting-rang-ting 8) Ting Rang – London Paris New York

Ali Zafar might not be hunk enough to be in the typical bollywood’s item song,    but what he had in this song was more than enough.  Bollywood rarely used a guy  as the main character in item songs but there are certain film makers who dare to  defy it and be distinctive.

sheila-jawani-600-140312 9) Sheila Ki Jawaani –Tees Maar Khan

Sheila is the first one that revolutionizes the use of woman’s name in the item  songs. That’s when after Sheila, Munni, Laila and others followed the same  theme. The dance routine in Sheila marked Katrina as one of the item girls in  bollywood

261924,xcitefun-kareena-kapoor-chammak-challo 10) Chammak Challo – Ra One

I’m sure most of you know this song. If you think this song is not addictive, than  surely, you totally had a different genre of music.

For 11-16, I have no comment. I just love the song after I listened to it so I decided to include it in the list.

 dilliwali_girlfriend_136689217311) Dilli Wali Girlfriend – Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani

Band-Baaja-Baaraat-2902912) Dum Dum – Band Baaja Baarat

 313) Babuji Dhere Chalna – Salaam e Ishq

Hazel-Keech-couldnt-create-an-impact-wit251013201102394_480x60014) Aa Ante Amala puram

Katrina-Kaif-Dhoom-Machale-Song-Video115) Dhoom Machale – Dhoom 3

hqdefault16) Rum & Whisky – Vicky Donor 

Honorary Mention: 

Chaiyya Chaiyya – Dil Se

Nobody remembers the film. I am not being a condescending for saying so but it is true. Dil se had a crappy ending but this song truly lived on until now. Those who were born on 1990-2000 will forever remember how the song swept other countries even Malaysia. My friend and i kept singing Chaiyya Chaiyaa even we did not know what it meant. It was frigging awesome. This was my first encounter of item number that I don’t even realized until now. The dance scene on the train was indeed memorable.