I (2015) – A modern Beauty & The Beast Tale

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My rating : 4/5

Puli is bad. Nope, I think bad would be an understatement, its worse. I’ve been misled that Puli will be the next bahubali (which is it failed miserably and its story was failed to grip the audience utterly). Maya will be the new breath take to Tamil Film Industry but Puli will be their damnation. I hated it and I walked out of cinema in the middle of movie. I’ve never done that. That is my first time (and i intend to make it the last one). However, i cant get over the feeling of how bad Puli is causing me to search few highly recommendable Tamil films. This is the way to win back my confidence in watching Tamil films again. Luckily, i found it. Through I (2015) i discovered that Vikram is a big deal in Tamil Film Industry and one of critical acclaimed actors in Kollywood.

Vikram as Lingesan
Vikram as Lingesan

Of course a mainstream movie will have a love story as their essence. In this film, the magical true love story happened between Lingesan (Vikram) and Diya (Amy Jackson). Lingesan has been a simple guy all his life. He owned a small gym and having a passion in a body building . He is completely obsessed with Diya which is a supermodel and actress in India. Being her biggest fan, he will buy every single product that Diya has endorsed and even stopped whenever Diya’s commercial film is on air. He entered a Tamil Nadu district Body Builder competition and won the first place. However, There was some jealousy incident occurred and Lingesan has made some enemy out of it. Lingesan become famous right after winning the title and started to do a small scale commercial films on his own. It must be a fate for Lingesan to meet Diya on her film set. Diya treated him like a normal fan but Lingesan fell head over heels for her.

Amy Jackson as Diya
Amy Jackson as Diya

Diya is the rising star in the industry. She is a very hard working and talented artist. However, after she rejected the offer to sleep with one of her co-stars, her offers starting to reduce. She get replaced by other new models instantly. Diya is scared that she might losing her popularity. She asked her agent to help her. She wanted to recruit her co-star to avoid such issue happened again. She found Lingesan advert in newspaper and managed to convince Lingesan to change his appearance. Lingesan transformed from a rural body builder to the urban male model. He even changed his name to ‘ Lee’. Lingesan dropped his dream to win ‘Mr India’ Body Building Competition and followed Diya to shoot commercial film in China. Being a newcomer in modelling industry, Lingesan has caused some of prominent models to lost their contract. Without his realization, the number of his enemy has been increasing. He is not aware of it and proceed with his life without any worry.

Lingesan changed his name to Lee after the transformation.

Lee and Diya has been such a lovely pair in television and billboard. People enjoyed their chemistry and public demand to see them together on screen. They enjoyed the popularity and attention that has been given to them. Lee has been asked to do a commercial film for a cool drink belonged to one company which he indebted to them for giving him a chance to be a model. Lee rejected it due to some controversy that product has. That cool drink apparent has a high level of dangerous substance that may cause death. Lee replied honestly regarding the toxicity level when reporters probe him to ask why he rejected to do that drink commercial film.  Due to this, the company suffered a major setback and suffered market crash. The company owner planned to make Lee suffered because he almost make his company went bankrupt.

Lee and Diya is enjoying their limelight.
Lee and Diya is enjoying their limelight.

(Spoiler) The most unexpected villain in this story is Diya’s doctor. I didnt expect it a bit. He looked like a decent person and never betrayed anyone. I was wrong. This doctor dotted on Diya and wanted her all by himself. He managed to shoo away all the man that are interested in Diya but failed to keep Lee on a leash. Filled with hatred towards Lee, he banded together all people who hated Lee and plotted their own revenge. Lee is injected with some hazardous substance called “h4n6”. The effect of it has caused Lee to transformed into a hunchback person. Lee suffered heavily from his deformity and remain hidden from Diya. When Diya is getting restless, Lee staged his own death so that Diya will believe that he is no more and she can move on. It all change when Lee is diagnosed by other doctor. He suggested that what Lee is suffering is not from Genetic Disease but a Virus. The doctor said someone might have injected him with it.

Lingesan turned into an ugly monster after being injected by hazardous virus.
Lingesan turned into an ugly monster after being injected by hazardous virus.

Lee finally discovered that Diya’s doctor is not someone he can trust. He kidnapped Diya and plotting his vengeance to all who has done wrong to him. He didnt kill them but he let them suffered from being deformed exactly like they did to him. Diya recognized Lee despite his terrible look after spending a few days with him. Diya refused to go and promised to care for him until he recovered completely. With the help of kind doctor, Lee is recovered partially. His skin return to normalcy but his hunchback is not disappear completely. Diya and Lee stayed in a very isolated place and enjoyed each other company without any regards to their past. They left their world behind and choose solace over fame.

I’ve nothing much to say about Vikram and Amy Jackson. Vikram for all i know has been praised by the critics for nailing both role as Lingesan/ Lee and the monster perfectly. Amy Jackson also received nothing but a positive review for her previous films both for her acting and her deliverance in Tamil language. She is a foreigner but people appreciated her effortless way in speaking the language well.  People who complained that this movie  has a long duration and so many unnecessary scenes has been put in it, they are being unreasonable. Every single scene for me has been put together so well with a story line. A soundtrack composed by A.R Rahman is so addictive especially the first track titled ‘Mersalaayiten’. The video of this song is featuring Lingesan and his vivid imagination turning Diya into every single thing that he saw or touch ; from mobile phone to a bubble in a laundry room.

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