Katrina Kaif Goes Kamli

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu


Katrina Kaif is freaking AMAZING in KAMLI.  She totally set the bar higher for other contemporary actresses to dance like her.  Her record on mastering the dance move in Sheila Ki Jawaani, Chikni Chameli and MashaALLAH song truly earned  her as one of the best dancer . KAMLI totally showed Katrina Kaif talent in excelling any type of dance. I waited Kamli Video to release in High Definition but it seems impossible so I have to make do with 480p quality. Still, it’s fucking worth it. The dance performance by Katrina Kaif blew my mind. It’s a combination of hip hop dance and acrobat stunts. Kamli Song took a place in dhoom 3 when Katrina kaif wanted a last chance to audition for circus that aamir khan owned. I don’t know much about it because I don’t have any chance to watch dhoom 3 yet. That is because bollywood movies are so scarcely shown in Malaysian Cinema and even if it is shown, it is only for selected cinemas.

The Kamli Scene proceeded as Katrina Kaif dance in front of Aamir Khan and my head suddenly had a random thought like ‘How the fuck Aamir khan managed not to get any boner watching Katrina Kaif dance in front of him?’ The dance routine in Kamli is so damn seductive and sexy. I know he’s married and totally committed, but let’s be honest, even if a married guy encounter situation like this, I am sure that he will end up jizzing his pant. I know I would if I am a guy (maybe I said this because I really like Katrina Kaif). I might have a hot boner and pre-cum in my pant. Unfortunately, I am a girl. Watching Katrina Kaif dance on the close distance like Aamir did might cause me a slight hysteria and a sudden lesbian explosion towards her.


Katrina Kaif Kamli song download

even when she’s fully clothed, she oozes sensual.



She doesnt need a caption to say she’s great.



DHOOM -3 Kamli Official Video (Leaked) - Tune.pk.mp4_000167533

DHOOM -3 Kamli Official Video (Leaked) - Tune.pk.mp4_000173400
this is my favorite scene in the song. (when she twirled infront of aamir)


i really like her body in this video. she is so hot!!!!


Haters should calm the fuck down, I know some of you will comment how dancing is not part of acting, that she should improve her acting or pick up her emotion better in her films. Well, nobody asked your fucking opinion. I watched all her films and truth be told; she can act so much better than some actors in Malaysia. She is showing major improvement in her acting over the years and if you don’t like her, then don’t watch her films. It is simple as that. For haters who called her ‘firang’ and other names (which is for me, very rude and mean), at least she made a huge amount of money compared to you guys.

As a fan of hers for years now, I don’t really like ranbir and her dating. I like ranbir and deepika much more, but who am I to question her choice? Hahaha. I wish her the best and may she find her own happiness in ranbir (hopefully). Anyway, acting may not in Katrina’s forte but dancing; she really is a true master on that department.

I cant find the HD quality for Kamli video, but this will do for you guys 😉


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