New Obsession over FAWAD AFZAL KHAN!

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

*Major NoseBleed. He’s too hot to handle. MY GODDDDDDD!

From Photoshoot by GQ India

fawad-khan-floral-jacket-1920x2120 fawad-khan-floral-shirt fawad-khan-purple-jacket-1920x2120 tumblr_nerwc1cOhO1qbo8voo4_500

From ‘Khoobsurat’ 2014

Khoobsurat 4 Khoobsurat-Fawad-Khan-Wallpapers Screenshot_2014-07-21-12-06-30 fawad-khan-full-hd-wallpapers-from-khoobsurat-movie-9802

My Favorite Shot of him *orgasmic face.

Fawad Khan Khoobsurat promotions-004 tumblr_mqvq1xMwpj1qgfanuo1_500 tumblr_nc80cf4V6A1tojbgdo1_250 tumblr_ncm8nhdw9d1qbo8voo2_400

OPUS 2 JAY 2014 WORLD CONCERT/周杰伦《魔天伦2》世界巡回大马演唱会 – Musings of A Super Fan



So I finally did it! After eight years of being a super fan, I saw Jay for the first time ever last night for a two and half hour show! Held on a Saturday, 15 Nov 2014, it was an amazing concert. As a seasoned performer, Jay really knows what he’s doing. There were around 4 to 5 set changes with big props and performances were categorized based on themes. There was the hi-tech theme, school/magician theme, hip-hop theme, piano theme, Zhong Guo Feng theme, guitar/acoustic theme and the last chilled/laid back theme. 

The view from my seat
The view from my seat
I didn't know that Jay's fan colour is pink. But hey, I can live with that.
I didn’t know that Jay’s fan colour is pink. But hey, I can live with that.

The downside of the concert is that I went alone. By myself. A random tall girl with a black headscarf appearing out of nowhere who couldn’t speak more than ten words of Mandarin amidst the 10-11,000 audiences shouting words I don’t understand except for Zhou Jie Lun. So each time he talked, I just stared at him in awe, too amazed by the fact that he was standing in front of me, twenty metres away. Almost fainted. Almost had a seizure. Almost died of hyperactivity. I didn’t care. I didn’t need to understand him. Yes, people, I love him that much! 

His Piano Session!!
His Piano Session!!
His Zhong Guo Feng set (fusion traditional/modern Mandarin songs)
His Zhong Guo Feng set (fusion traditional/modern Mandarin songs)

I think there were more of us non-Mandarin speaking fans back in 2006 (my first year of becoming a fan). We had a number of English forums catering for fans who don’t understand Mandarin. With the help of superbly kind Chinese-speaking moderators, we get translations, explanations and discussions about his music, lyrics and everything Jay-related. It was like an awkwardly awesome universe of its own. Sadly, the forum had been closed down, I think. I guess with the rise of KPop, Mandopop has been sidelined and confined mostly to Mandarin-speaking audiences. But websites like and Jay Chou Diaoness’s Facebook page have been of great help for a fan who cannot read Chinese characters like me. Thank God for these souls! 

How else can an obsessed fan like me find release?!! Haha.

His impromptu keyboard session. Trust me, his hands are magical each time they touch the keys!!
His impromptu keyboard session. Trust me, his hands are magical each time they touch the keys!!
His guitar session! And yes, his hands are also amazing here!
His guitar session! And yes, his hands are also amazing here!

The GREAT GREAT ASPECT of the concert is that he sang all the songs I love love love!!!! Okay, not all. He did not sing Wo Bu Pei, Ju Hua Tai and Fa Ru Xue but that’s okay. However, some songs I thought he was not going to sing, he sang!!! Ke Ai Nu Ren, Long Juan Feng, Qing Tian, Si Mian Chu Ge, Qi Li Xiang, Dao Xiang (a duet with a lucky fan! I was so jealous I almost cried!) and many more. These are some of Jay’s songs you know people will remember and sing along for the rest of their lives. You know what I felt? Do you? It’s like I fell in love again with him over and over and over again! Arghhh… speaking as a crazy fangirl, how can he be so perfect? How can he sing so well? And play the piano so well? And the guitar so well? And walk around and sing so well? And talk so well? (though I understood not one sentence except for “Hao Bu Hao” to which I shouted back “Hao!!!”)

I swore to God when he began singing Long Juan Feng, I was so happy I almost peed! And sang along to Ke Ai Nu Ren with all my heart (though I know my pronunciation is bad. Really, who cares?!)

It is an interesting experience, to be honest. For the past 8 years, I am literally the only Jay Chou fan I know (excluding the cyber world). None of my best friends listen to Mandopop or even understand why I am so devoted to him but they accept me the way I am (but they sometimes tease me by saying that Jay looks like a vegetable seller, which he does not!) Even when I began to have more and more Mandarin-speaking friends, most of them end up being Wang Lee Hom’s fans. And ask me why I love Jay so much, too. Only when I went to his concert that I realized how much I was in a little world of Jay fandom on my own. He had legions of fans whom I had never met and communicated with. The downside of not being well-versed in Mandarin, I must say. *cries*

The parking guard asked me – “are you Malay or Chinese?” I laughed awkwardly, unsure of what to say. “I’m Malay, brother, but I’m going to a Taiwanese singer’s concert.” The brother said he was confused for a while. After the concert ended, a Chinese uncle stared at me in surprise. “Waah, you also like Jay Chou. Are you Chinese or Malay?” Again, I answered awkwardly, “I’m Malay.” Then, he asked, “do you speak Chinese?” I shook my head. He laughed in a manner I was not sure implied slight surprise or approval. “Haha, 1Malaysia!” he joked. Hahahaha. Never have I felt so awkward being a Malay before, considering that I don’t really feel Malay 90% of the time in real life. Hahahahaha. But then, my headscarf is not much of a help in avoiding the stares. What to do… when you do look different from thousands around you. 

Maybe because I’ve been his fan for a very long time, I find it weird that other people think that it’s odd to have a fan like me. Music is a universal languange and that is the main thing that led me to Jay. Then, the lyrics. And the concept. Then, of course lah, I jumped into the whole fandom without any hesitation and stayed there for many years.  

Since my seat did not have a great view, I didn’t take get to take a lot of pictures. Or maybe because I was too focused on looking at him and only him, like what a crazy fangirl would do. In all honestly, I truly enjoyed his concert. His voice sounds way better and his show was so much fun. A day has passed and I am still experiencing the exhausting high post-concert. I am still tired, too happy to go out and lock myself in my room writing this blog post. I feel like smiling all day without a reason.

And I miss him already! I wish I can go to his concert everyday. Ahhh, post-concert depression syndrom begins… now. Jayyyyyyy, I miss you!! *cries*

Quoting my Facebook status – How can love be so intense even when there’s a language barrier? 


BY: MAERTAI FATMA (the avid drama fan)

Episodes: 16 (Finished airing)

My Rating 

5 out of 5 stars (the ultimate durian)


[credit to source]


How do I begin to express my satisfaction for this drama? The casts are superb, the story is fresh and even the soundtracks are tasteful enough for me to keep repeating them all day long! In short I’M IN LOVE.

I watched a few Noh Hee-kyung’s (the writer) drama before (That Winter the Wind Blows, Padam Padam) but they are not my cup of tea because the stories are too heavy for me to handle as her style of storytelling are more towards raw human sentiments and blunt expression of life. Those are good (excellent, in fact) traits for a drama but to be frank I watch drama as an escapism so I prefer shallow romance drama rather than complicated slash deep kind of story. But for this drama, I made an exception.

To be frank I am motivated to watch it mainly because of Do Kyungsoo (fangirl alert). Who is he? Anyone who followed me on Twitter would know that I am obsessed about this fella and his idol group, EXO. Some of my friends actually unfollowed me because of that. *laughs*

[credit to source]

Isn’t he the cutest guy on earth? (Note: This is a rhetorical question)

More than that I am glad I am watched this drama since the story transcends my expectation greatly and I was able to relate to the characters in the most humanely way possible. It transformed the stigma of mental illness into a heartwarming tale about people. The perfect description: DISCOVERY OF LIFE

 Anyway back to the story…..


The two main characters, Jang Jae-yul (famous novelist/Radio DJ) and Ji Hae Soo (Psychiatrist) met for the first time during as a talk show’s guest for the episode featuring Jang Jae-yul latest fiction on characters with psychiatric condition and the two got into a hot debate about the “inner psycho” in every individuals from the perspective of a psychiatrist and a novelist. The crowd goes back and forth as they pointed out their arguments.But above all, Ji Hae-Soo has caught Jang Jae-yul attention (he’s a sapiosexual I guess) but she dismissed him coldly. Well she’s dating someone so its only right to reject. (though I would leave anyone for Jo In-Sung)

Nevertheless, there is one person who always love him… Han Kang-Woo  *screams*

Gang woo is Jae-yul’s ultimate fanboy and an aspiring novelist. They met three years back when Jae-yul was attacked by his brother, Jang Jae-bom, who was recently released from the jail (he was sentenced for the murder of their abusive step father). As both of them share the same background i.e. come from a poor family with abusive father, Jae-yul doted on Gang-woo. Lets just say they share a great bromance.

His real brother, Jae-bom on the other hand was sent back into the jail after the attack. He is bitter towards Jae-yul for the reason that Jae-yul testified against him 11 years ago when it was Jae-yul who stabbed their step father. Talk about grunge.

Jae-yul afterwards moved into the share house where Hae-soo, Jong Dong-min (Hae Soo’s senior) and Park Soo-Kwang (suffers from Tourette’s syndrome and works at the cafe downstairs) live. Hae-soo protested for him living in the house but her efforts ended up in vain as it turns out Jae-yul is their landlord. In the end she (forced to) accepts him being in their house. It was never quiet as they bicker at every chance their eyes met. Hae-soo and Jae-yul’s bickering (till loving) scenes never bore me since it realizes into a (very) sensual chemistry. Meow~

Both of them became closer after Hee-soo’s tragic breakup with her boyfriend who cheated on her with his junior. The reason? Cause his anaconda (pun intended) couldn’t get into her panties even after 300 days of dating. Men and their lust. Predictable.

Soon after that, its Jae-yul who gets into her pants. Mr. Ex-Boyfriend IN YOUR FACE!

 {credit to source}

However his approach was not sinister. Instead it was sweet as he witnessed her moment of  vulnerability which has validated Jae-yul’s love towards her. Their physical intimacy becomes an illustration of Hae-soo’s leap of faith into a venture that she has been afraid to take all her life. From then on, Jae-yul has transformed into the most romantic boyfriend anyone could ever have..

 So where the heck is the conflict?

Turns out Jae-yul is schizophrenic due to the distress following the tragedy of his stepfather who have been killed by his mother (he kept this as a secret and put the blame on his hyung instead). His defence mechanism has eventually eat him alive as his mind created a non-existent person, our cute Gang Woo. So basically his condition makes him living a fantasy in real world and its a concern since this illness would eventually ends as a suicide.

Jae-yul is laughing by himself while in his head he imagined that he runs with Gang Woo.. 😦

Hee-soo surprisingly chosen to stay beside him despite her family objection. She chosen Jae-yul over her own self-interest thus it is evident that Hee-soo has deep affection towards him. Oh how beautiful!!!

Personally its hard for me to watch Hee-soo clenched her fist trying to refrain herself from getting close to Jae-yul since her presence makes his illness worse. Its heartbreaking really /wipes tears/


Untitled 1

Why I love this drama?

Simple. Its a fresh story with abundance of characters that warms me inside. The chemistry between the leads and supporting roles makes this drama satisfying and enjoyable.

It has open my mind on the issue of mental health which has been sidelined by the stigma “all mental patients are crazy people” and it occurred to me that everyone should take this seriously as much as other types of illness.

The cinematography is strikingly similar to “That Winter the Wind Blows” which used so much close-ups in their scenes but why complain when Jo In-sung is filling your whole screen? Fret not!

In conclusion, this drama has achieved its objective to break the misconception of mental illness besides successfully created another OTP (One True Pairing) with wonderful chemistry and beautiful scenes together.

Now I am looking forward to Noh Hee-kyung’s project.

KICK (2014) – Bollywood Movie Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4/5

Dhoom + Krrish = KICK

“Surprisingly, Kick has a gripping story compared to Dhoom 3 and full pack masala action of superhero compared to Krrish 3”.Those who followed threechinguz knew me too well as i always am babbling of how much i love bollywood masala films. Yes, sometimes, it get sucks with draggy storyline or overacting casts but i still love them anyway. If KICK turned out to be one of those kind of Masala films, i did not mind at all considering Masala films could be pretty generic. Man, how i love when it turned out i was wrong. When this film released a few months ago, i was shocked seeing some of bollywood websites gave KICK a pretty much good review and rating. Honestly, i didnt expect much. Believe me, i love salman khan (he used to be my crush when i was 7 years old) but when it comes to act in Masala film, he’s pretty much himself —- Dabangg, Dabangg 2, or Bodyguard is just an example of his film whereby he would be swinging gun, throwing punches, beating bad guys and etc..etc.

Dhoom 3 + Krrish 3 = KICK
Dhoom 3 + Krrish 3 = KICK

I am not saying KICK is not masala-full action pack-hero centric film. It is 100% what i’ve described it in the previous sentence. I am saying it is better than Dhoom 3 (because i was expecting it to be good but it turned out to be just okay) and it is less disappointing than Krrish 3 (because Vivek and Kangana is the only saving grace in the film). Let me start with my criticism on this film: 1) Jacqueline Fernandez, You are super gorgeous but girl, just because your role is psychiatrist , then you need to wear a glasses? (it’s not her fault but cant you say something to whoever wrote this script? it is super clicheeeeeeeee) 2) The animation describing how devi lal is different from everybody is just super creepy and using laptop upside down is considered as one of his capability? Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Salman Khan as 'Devil Lal Singh' & 'Devil'
Salman Khan as ‘Devil Lal Singh’ & ‘Devil’

Just like Aamir Khan said in Koffee with Karan show, nobody cant deny that Salman Khan has star power. He has that ‘charismatic’ presence and people are attracted to his film. I am just stating the truth (just look at his record in rolling in the 100 carore,200 carore, yada-yada carore films) nowadays. He manipulated his star power by acting in this kind of films and roles. After watching KICK, i must say it works. His character in KICK, is someone who is compulsive and always up to any challenge to find the excitement in his life. He is a genius and somehow, ended up with no life purposes. It is his luck indeed to have a very supportive and understanding parents. He didnt work and constantly quit right after a few days as he said work makes him stifle. He then met a heroine, Dr Shaina Mehra. They fell in love. Blah..Blah (Bollywood cliche’) and when they try to get serious (getting married etc..) , their relationship ended. They failed to work out their differences and Devi Lal walked out of their relationship while Dr Shaina move to Poland with a broken heart.

Jacqueline Fernandez as 'Dr Shaina'
Jacqueline Fernandez as ‘Dr Shaina’

A year has passed and Dr Shaina’s father wanted her to get married. He asked Dr. Shaina to fetch Himanshu from the airport hoping that something will occur between them. He wanted Himanshu to be his son in law and her daughter can find happiness again (why father always find that marriage is the only thing that can make her daughter happy, i also cant understand it? — I rather get an IPAD not a husband. bleghhhh). Along the way, Himanshu and Dr Shaina talked about each other which led to the topic of the person their obsessed with? Dont ask me how they get to the topic, they just did. Dr Shaina pretty be frank to himanshu and telling him about someone she used to love which is Devi while Himanshu told her the frustration of failing to catch a smart criminal name ‘devil’.

Randeep Hooda as 'Himanshu'
Randeep Hooda as ‘Himanshu’

Himansu is portrayed by Randeep Hooda in this film. We all know how brilliance he is in the ‘Highway’. He managed to carry the role as police officer without overdoing it. He kept calm and cool whenever any problem occurred cause by ‘devil’. We may think that he will be overshadowed by Sallu Bhai but it didnt happen. In fact, Himanshu role brought a balance in this  masala action film. He didnt annoy us with his appearance in the film unlike (Abishek and uday in Dhoom 3). He brought an A-game to challenge Devil back and he didnt back down from any setback that happened. To credit Salman solely on the success of KICK film is unfair considering Randeep is pretty much one of the backbones in the film.

Nawazzidin Siddiqui as 'Shiv Ghajra'
Nawazzidin Siddiqui as ‘Shiv Ghajra’

Nawazzudin Sidiqui is a villain in KICK 3. Oh please, that man can freaking ACT with his eyes shut. I dont do any commentary on his acting considering his performance is lauded from critics both local and international on gangs of wasseypur 2, Lunchbox, Bombay Talkies and the list went on and on. He portrayed the role of a minister’s nephew who is a do-gooder and a savior especially in the medical field. He was praised by the media for his charity and good work. However, behind the mask of do gooder, is a vicious, corrupt and abusive man. He’s doing all the charity for the sake of money. The scenes where Nawazuddin in the film is too little but hey, he did his best in all of it. With a creepy laugh and being snarky to his own people, he brought his own rule in the villain role he played.

Jumme Ki Raat Shot - Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan
Jumme Ki Raat Shot – Jacqueline Fernandez & Salman Khan

Before i forget to mention it, i really love all the songs in this film. ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ and ‘Hangover’ is a very addictive songs. Dont forget to watch Jacqueline Fernandez solo dance shot in ‘Jumme Ki Raat’. Damn, it is freaking hot. Another song in this film is ‘Yaar Na Miley’ whereby Nargis Fakhri dancing in it also suits my taste (though i felt so annoyed with yo yo honey singh voice in the song). FYI, Salman Khan lend his voice in ‘Hangover’ song. Overall, i ended up giving KICK 4 stars as i think this film deserved it. Yes, the actress could act a little bit better, the script could be improved but what blew my mind is the purpose of DEVIL in doing all the robberies. It is not for himself but for the sake of unfortunate childs around him. In short, It is like Robin Hood version Masala Bollywood with a vengeance and a little bit of ‘Kick’ in it. If you’re looking for action, romance & masala-flavor in bollywood film, this is the right choice to start with.

[HOLY SHIT, WE WON!!!!] – Germany Beats Argentina 1-0

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu*Warning: This Post is overloaded with Germany-related photos.

Germany won yesterday and it seems so surreal. That winning goal by Gotze was so beautiful, it did make me cry. Anyhow, we fucking won. I’ve been waiting 8 years for this. Sorry for being so late to immerse in the Football world passionately but now, it seems all those sleepless nights have been paid off. We are Asian and because of the time zones, all matches in FIFA 2014 were scheduled in the middle of the night. I am not going to post any long review whatsoever, I’m here just to express my happiness and say thanks to Deutschland team for making this thing happened. It was indeed beautiful.


Here is my public apology to Gotze for underestimating you since the first match you appeared in the group match again Portugal. It was not my fault entirely because you did miss some of the passing and you seem off in field. Anyway, you proved me wrong. That particular goal is the reason we won and we didn’t end this world cup with penalty shoot-out.


To my bias in the team (captain o captain) Phillip Lahm, You are amazing as always. You are small (Don’t worry, in Asian countries, you quite tall! I can assure you) compared to others but man, you played strategically. You always managed to outsmart them and this height thing suits well to your advantage. I did cry when I know you got married at 2010 (not that I have any chance, I know that— am just being a delusional fangirl).


Congrats to Miroslav Klose for breaking the record of Top Scorer held by Ronaldo previously. It has been a great journey seeing you played on the field since 2006. You did extremely well in every game that you played and for that, you deserved the title.


For the other players, you guys are the best. None of this would happen without all of you. Sami Khedira, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mesut Ozil, Tony Kroos, Thomas Muller, Per Mertesacker, Manuel Neuer, Lukas Podolski, Mario Gotze, Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng, Benedikt Howedes, Andre Schurrle and others who  are not mentioned here because I forgot your name and too lazy to do some ‘google’.

Joachim Low, I have no other words for you except ‘You are the man!’.




If any of you missed the match and wanted to watch it, the torrent link is already been uploaded in the torrent site like Piratebay and Kickass. Please knock yourself out with some of the great match by Germany. If it was up to me, Germany vs. Portugal, Germany Vs. Ghana, Germany Vs. Algeria and Germany Vs. Argentina would have been my favorite match to repeat. It was thrilling and in the same time, scary (but in a good way). In my opinion, the disappointing performance by Germany is at quarter finals match againt France actually because I am kind of expected they would score more goals given the previous excellent results. Screw my comment on that, the stunning header by Hummels did advance the team to Semi Finals. For Germany Vs. Brazil, It was great seeing Germany destroyed Brazil 7-1. If you wanted to see 4 goals in 6 minutes, this is the match you are looking for. It is not in my recommendable list because I think it would have been different if Neymar is in the match. I know Germany is great in the team-work department but Neymar might manage to shake that factor. Oh, I forgot to mention about the match whereby Germany vs. United States. Hmmmmmm. No comment, I guess. I should re-watch it back to give any comment because when I watched it, the screen froze a few times. That is not a smart decision to watch that match online but what to do, the television is not available at that time. On the other hands, Internet Speed in Malaysia is very shitty and slow. It takes more than 5 minutes to reconnect back and next time I know, Muller already scored 1 goal against United States.

Last but not least,

Rihanna, You are one lucky bitch. I am so jealous of you!!!!




article-2691117-1FA0F78300000578-523_634x576 article-2691117-1FA1100900000578-859_634x631

THE PALACE/ 宫锁沉香/Gōng suǒ chénxiāng – 2013 Chinese Film


 The dramatic poster, which I love!

the dramatic poster, which I love!

The_Palace_Chinese_Filmthe sweet poster, which I equally love as well!

REVIEW: 4 DURIANS OUT OF 5 (Because it made me believed in love, for like… 10 minutes)


The Palace is essentially a love story set during the reign of Kangxi Emperor of Qing Dynasty between the 13th Prince Yinxiang and a palace maid by the name of Chen Xiang. If you guys remember, quite a number of dramas was based during this era ie Bu Bu Jingxin, Gong I and also Gong II. But I can definitely understand why drama writers seem to be super obsessed with the era of Kangxi Emperor. He sired many princes who would fight and compete for the throne. In the movies and dramas, they always make the princes handsome and extremely charming. Amongst the instrumental princes who contended for the throne was the 4th Prince, the 8th Prince and the 14th Prince. Other princes who didn’t really want to be emperors had to choose sides in order to survive the game.

Liu Li and Chen Xiang
Liu Li and Chen Xiang

This film, however, doesn’t really revolve around the political crisis. It did touch a little, but yeah, only very little. It is mainly about Chen Xiang (Zhou Dongyu), an innocent palace maid who had been best friends with Liu Li (Zhao Li Ying), a vivacious naughty maid as well. As they grew up, the palace maids dreamed of entering the palace ranks by being taken as wives or concubines by the princes. Therefore, they often bribed the eunuchs to provide them information about the location of the princes so that they could meet them ‘coincidentally’ and tried to capture their hearts. Liu Li was one of the more ambitious girls amongst the lot. One night, she threw herself at the 9th Prince, hoping to be accepted by his wife. Little did she know that the 9th Prince was only using her and had no intention to do as such.

lifPkK90Xk3QAt the same time, Liu Li asked Chen Xiang to replace her for a duty or something. Chen Xiang, who covered her face with a handkerchief (cause that’s how the ancient ladies did it, people, to appear more… I don’t know, mysteriously pretty?), had a sweet encountered with the 13th Prince(Chen Xiao). They caught butterflies together in the middle of the night, had some sweet chit-chatting and generally fell in love with each other ever since. However, the 13th Prince had no idea what Chen Xiang looked like and had a clue only in the form of the handkerchief she dropped. A few days later,  a manhunt for that ‘mysterious girl’ was conducted. Liu Li came forward and claimed that she was the one as the handkerchief that Chen Xiang used to cover her face was actually hers.

Liu Li and the 13th Prince. Chen Xiang was standing behind Liu Li, becoming her personal maid

Thus, the role reversed and the ambitious Liu Li finally got what she wanted. She was trained to become the 13th Prince’s wife and won his affections overnight. Which still baffled me. I mean, even if the ‘mysterious girl’ covered half her face, couldn’t the 13th Prince tell that their facial symmetries were COMPLETELY different? Chen Xiang’s eyes were small and pretty, Liu Li’s eyes were round and bright. But then, what are fictional historical films without the baffling illogical twists… I’ve somehow grown accustomed to expecting no explanation at all arising from unreasonable plots.

Thus, Chen Xiang accepted her fate of the lost opportunity to marry the 13th Prince, whom she began to fall in love with. She became Liu Li’s maid. However, the 13th Prince and her started to get close as the Prince was always bothering her for help in finding out Liu Li’s likes and dislikes. For such purpose, he cooked for Chen Xiang and took her horse-riding. Tell me, people, who wouldn’t fall in love with a man like that?!! If it was me… damn it, I would just scream to the Prince and confessed who I really was.

Misfortune struck the 13th Prince due to his failed rebellion against his Emperor father to save the 4th Prince, whom he admired. He ended up blind and was sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life, to be visited by no one and to live his remaining days in isolation. His soon-to-be wife, Liu Li abandoned him and joined the 9th Prince household – whom she was having a love affair with – as his concubine. Literally, at this time, 13th Prince had no one to rely on. Blind and alone, his world was full of darkness and misery (over-dramatic alert! )

20130807-a6ae21a06d2cc429The only person who cared for him was Chen Xiang. Thus, she tried everything to get into that guarded section of the palace he was locked in. She sought the help of Liu Li, who forced her to walk on burning coals (which she did in the name of love). Upon meeting the Prince, she was again mistaken for Liu Li. I literally banged my head in frustration – you stupid bastard, not again! But then, who could blame the Prince? He barely knew his former fiancee. He barely talked to her yet he fell for her already. Therefore, when a young lady came to visit him in his chamber, he instantly thought that was Liu Li whom he had been waiting for. Chen Xiang did not deny it. Maybe because she wanted to spare him the misery of being abandoned by the woman he loved. To gain continuous access to the Prince’s chamber, Chen Xiang became an experimental guinea pig to the royal physician. She suffered and suffered, all due to her devotion to the 13th Prince, who did not even know who she was. She gave himself to him, she comforted him and became his only hope to live.

201308170309329cb38It was so sweet I almost cried. It would be perfect if only the Prince realized that the lady was actually Chen Xiang and not Liu Li.

As the 4th Prince ascended the throne, the 13th Prince was freed. By that time, he had heard about Liu Li’s affair with the 9th Prince and told Chen Xiang (whom he still thought as Liu Li) to leave him as he supposedly stopped loving her. Chen Xiang did exactly that, thinking that it was over between them.

I don’t fucking get it, Chen Xiang. Just tell him the fucking truth. What is with all this super innocent suffering-loving passive heroines in ancient China? Why do they love this kind of characters so much?

Of course, in the end, the 13th Prince finally learned the truth. Liu Li passed away and Chen Xiang reunited with her lover. The film ended sweetly, like a caramel candy that melts in your mouth.


I have to be completely honest with you. Despite the grand scale of the film – it being a luscious costume piece – the story is really not about an epic political commentary or even about two different women living in the period of Qing Dynasty. It is, simply, a love story. A simple sweet one, I must say. Our main two characters are simple-minded people who believed in love and naive at hearts. What made the film a little better than your usual romantic piece are the complex supporting characters, especially Liu Li.

The first thing that I love is the innocence of the love story between the 13th Prince and Chen Xiang.

Img378499290You can’t help but to go… awwww. Awwwww. *Cries* and then, awwwww again. The 13th Prince initiated a friendship with Chen Xiang, whom he thought was instrumental in helping him develop a connection with his future wife. Chen Xiang, already in love with him, asked nothing in return. Her feelings for the Prince was pure and selfless. When they were together, you cannot help but to smile. When you see Chen Xiang suffering for the Prince’s sake, you can’t help but to cry along with her. It is just too…. sweet. Arghhhhh!!!!!!!

714236f3jw1e6t97idjofj218g0t0k40The second thing I love is, of course, Liu Li.

20130720091927492She is essentially an evil ungrateful bitch in this film. From a palace maid, she evolved into a prince’s fiancee and a royal concubine. Without her, the film would inevitably walk the dull path. Unlike Chen Xiang who was all innocent and passive, Liu Li was aware of her desires. If she saw an opportunity, she took it. If there was anything she desired, she grabbed it. One misgiving I have about the film was how it displayed an unbalanced portrayal of two types of women in that era. Somehow, I feel that the film stereotypes women who are aggressive as manipulative and cruel whilst the soft–spoken women are kindhearted and sincere.

The third thing I love is the costume, the set designs – basically everything visual in this film. The costumes are crazily detailed and so so so pretty!!!!!! Somehow, the great regal visuals in the film elevated it to more than just a romance film – it gave the film its epic kick!

The fourth thing is undoubtedly….. the 13th Prince.

urlkkkmOMG, each time he appears on the screen, I freaking blush! How can he be so cute and charming and handsome and charismatic at the same time?!!! OMG!! HIS SMILE IS TO DIE FOR!! *swoon* This is not healthy, this is not healthy. Okay, I don’t give a damn. The actor who played him, Chen Xiao is 20 times more good looking in modern attires. He is now officially my favourite mainland actor, second only to Liu Ye.

Him in real life. OMG, how can someone be so good-looking?
Him in real life. OMG, how can someone be so good-looking?

The film is not a great epic historical piece, that’s for sure. However, it is a good entertaining film that would be able to touch your heart in certain scenes. It has a sweet love story as its focal point and the sumptuous designs to accessorize the whole film. Trust me, it will make you delusional and started fantasizing about finding a prince of your own, which will never happen. So, that kind of sucks. But who cares when you have films like this to satisfy your never-ending desires? Hahaha

[Movie Review] X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

My Rating: 4/5
My Rating: 4/5

First of all, I don’t read any marvel comics. Not that I don’t want to but it is so freaking hard to buy 1 in my hometown. I am sure I can find it in Kuala Lumpur but it is rather impossible in Ipoh. If any of you wanting to tell me that comic is so much better or they could have done this scene or that scene accordingly, don’t waste your time. Secondly, I don’t have anything against comics, I read them when I was younger and they are one of my entertainments. So no, I used to read comics and yes, I will read it now if I’ve bought any. Thirdly, (not related with the above issue), I fucking love X-men: Days of Future Past. This post should not be considered as a review actually for I am here only to spazzing McBender to the core (maybe I will put a little of this film review at the end of the post). McBender is the name given by the fandom of the OTP young Professor X and Young Magneto portrayed by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. X-men First Class explicitly showed the Bromance and Frenemy in the movie causing Tumblr in Chaos. By chaos, I mean there are too many post, gift, picture of McBender. The chemistry between them worked in the Xmen First Class and ever since known as McBender. If you are interested to know more don’t just watch X-Men: First Class, you should watch their entire interview. They are goofy (particularly McAvoy) and charming as ever. The only thing that I find pretty dissatisfied is their scenes in X-men: Days of Future Past could have been longer. I know it is impossible given that Anna Paquin Scene has been cut short and her role has been reduced to the special appearance only. It is quite sad for I am a big fan of her and I also like how Anna Paquin portrayed Rogue in the previous Xmen films.

2 Professor X in 1 Time Dimension.
2 Professor X in 1 Time Dimension.
McBender Alert!!!!
McBender Alert!!!!

The scene when Professor X and Magneto fought and argued in the plane is one of the scenes that I have been looking forward to see. It has so much sexual tense in it that I practically imitated one of memes in 9gag asking them to kiss. They should kiss and make the whole fandom shook and led tumblr to crash for one day. Sorry, that’s not x-men. That’s just my filthy imagination. Wolverine returned and this time not as cameo like X-men first class. He’s been asked to travel back in the past for only himself could survive it as he has power of healing. I have this one habit where I rarely checked any trailer or scene or whatever video footage shown in the YouTube of film that I am looking forward to watch it in cinema. To cut short, I hate spoiler. Thus, I don’t know about Quicksilver role is portrayed by Evan Peters. I’ve been worshipping him with violet since I watched American Horror Story Season 1. They already passed season 3 but for me, He and Violet is the epitome of love. It is psychotic to think so because one of them is already dead and the other one is suicidal. It is so twisted but it fucking works. Anyway, if you cannot brain what I am babbling about, Keep it to yourself and assumes that I am indeed crazy. Anyway, Evan Peters who already is a good actor managed to bring a massive laughter to the audience in his scenes. It is short but memorable. My favorite scene of Quicksilver is when he is on the way to breakout the detention centre when Young Magneto is being held.

Quicksilver in Action!!!
Quicksilver in Action!!!

Jennifer Lawrence returning on the screen as Young Mystique and has been drifted apart from Young Professor X due to the ideology differences. When she found out that some of her companions has been killed and died during the experiment conducted by human, she felt the need to avenge them. She has taken this matter in her hand without consulting with anyone. The action of hers is the event that led the whole sentiment of destroying mutant at all cost by human race. Professor X successfully convinced her not to follow her hasty decision but failed to make Mystique returned to her. I have to say that I didn’t expect J.Law played such important role in X-men: Days of future past. Who would have thought that she holds the key of Mutant’s future. Kitty Pryde portrayed by Ellen Page is one of the important roles in this film. Without her, the whole memory travelling and juggling won’t be possible.

Kitty Pryde brought wolverine back to the past via her power.
Kitty Pryde brought wolverine back to the past via her power.
Magneto felt killing Mystique will solve everything.
Magneto felt killing Mystique will solve everything.

Overall, Xmen: Days of Future Past is fast-paced story with many thrilling of combat actions. You might want to focus on the earlier scene because they tend to move back and forth from past, present and future. If you failed to do so, the virtual gigantic question mark may appear in your head. I like the whole dynamic of X-men in the future that even the Old Magneto realized his mistake for leading rogue to the wrong path and set ablaze the mutant’s future. They fought the Sentinel, the machinery invented by Human to destroy the mutants. Although Sentinel is deemed to be the strongest force to crush them but they stick to each other and try to hold the Sentinel army from approaching forward. The scene where storm died killed by Sentinel is really of the most terrifying scene in the film. This is a freaking mutant film and none of it is real but I still cried. When Magneto fought the sentinel until his last breath, that’s where you see that he’s after all have a little humanity left inside him. I won’t comment on plot or writing for I didn’t read the comics and admitted have little knowledge about it. However, if you can google and see that rating given by Rotten Tomatoes, MetaCritic and IMDB websites to this film is no joke. That means, audiences and critics love the film and it is commendable to watch it in Cinema.

whats left of Mutants if they failed to alter the past.
whats left of Mutants if they failed to alter the past.