The Babadook (2014) – Horror Film Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

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After Jessabelle and Grace the possession, I somehow lost my trust to watch horror film (that is produced by non-Asian production). Let’s admit it first, when it comes to scary, hair standing, cold chilly ghost tale, Asian did it best. My favorite horror movie came from Thailand, Japan and South Korea. Right after watching the babadook, I decided to review this film. I was so impressed with the acting of 2 main characters in this film. The way they portrayed each role is effortless but in the same time, it demands your attention. It revolved around the emotion of single mother that could not get over her husband’s death and how she was so incapable of raising her strange son but she managed to push through it. It moves slowly from one scene to other scene but you will understand why the director wanted it that way. Jennifer Kent, the writer/director for this film takes her film very seriously. What is exactly ‘The Babadook’? To be honest, I thought it was Australian horror legend as all Asian had and the culture of telling the story to others still going on until today. The most famous Malaysian Ghost story would be the formidable ‘Pontianak’. It can be described as a long-haired girl wearing all white, can fly, blood sucking creature and laughing hysterically in the middle of night. It may sound funny the way I described it but trust me, you don’t want to meet her in the middle of the night.

My Rating : 5/5
My Rating : 5/5

I was thinking that ‘The Babadook’ is like that: derived from tale and legend of Australia. It was not. The babadook came from a book. That’s just another reason that your kid can give you if she/he’s too lazy to read a book is there’s a ghost in it. Haha. The babadook came from the red book titled as ‘The Babadook’. No publication year, No publisher and not a single details of how this book can be found on your bookshelves. Amelia, the single mother, usually said good night to his son, Samuel by reading him a book. On that night, Samuel picked ‘The Babadook’ book from his own collection, asking his mother to read it. At first, it sounds like an ordinary children book. Amelia stopped in the middle of the book right after realizing that there is something wrong with the story.

If it’s in a word, or if it’s in a book
You can’t get rid of the Babadook.
He wears a hat, he’s tall and black
But that’s how they describe him in his book.
A rumbling sound, than three sharp knocks
You better run, or he’ll hold you in his locks.
Your closet opens
And your honestly hoping’ that he won’t hear a sound
But that’s when you know that he’s around.
The book close
You have an itch under your nose
And that’s just how the story goes.
So close your eyes and count to ten
Better hope you don’t wake up again.
‘Cause if it’s in a word, or if it’s in a book
You can’t get rid of the Babadook
You’ll see him if you look

             tumblr_naftilVdLK1tjhn2vo1_1280    detail.e489b5ac

Amelia hides the book from Samuel and told his son that it is not real. Samuel continued to disturb other kids with his weirdness, telling them the story about The Babadook. He was transferred to other school by Amelia due to the teacher’s complaint of his strange behavior. Amelia’s sister, Claire also couldn’t stand being around Samuel. Claire decided not to contact Amelia anymore when Samuel pushed her daughter and broke her nose. Amelia felt that something unnatural is following and stalking her family. She’s having no sleep at all due to the disturbance made by the Babadook. The Babadook came to her in the form of her late husband asking for her son. Amelia failed to see that The Babadook has successfully taken a strong hold on herself. Samuel always told her not to let it in but Amelia failed to the see the consequences of doing so. It was so bizarre to see how Samuel, the children is much stronger that her own mother. He fought his possessed mother with all his might and tied her in the basement. If I was Samuel, I would’ve died or being a very typical children who scream first and got killed right away. Samuel tried to call her mother, asking her to fight back but she was so weak. She strangled his son and at that one particular moment, Samuel touched her face as to assure her that it was okay to kill him. Suddenly, Amelia snapped from the trance of Babadook and vomited some kind of black liquid.


I would spare my readers from the spoiler and not to write what’s the ending for this film. Please watch it yourself and be preparing to be surprised for the ending. It was not typical, that’s the least I could say. This film make me felt so satisfied that I don’t really mind to promote to others to watch it. A brilliant 5 stars, I give to the director, actors, writers and The Babadook itself.

Watch out:
1) When Babadook said his own name ‘Babadook, Dook, Dook, Dook’. That shit is freaking terrifying.


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